Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

Hey, Y'all,
Well, here it is a beautiful sunny Saturday, and I am up early just puttering around, and seeing what the weekend will bring.

Gramps and I went into Knoxville yesterday to spend some time with Imazo, Mae, and David (Imazo's son from Arizona). We went to do one of our favorite family things, which is to eat. ha. We decided to go to Louis' Restaurant and put on the "feed-bag". They absolutely serve the best spaghetti and meat sauce you would ever want to wrap your tongue around. YUM! I can never eat the whole serving, and usually bring half of it home. Yesterday was no exception to that rule.

David is returning home today, and I know that Imazo is going to miss him terribly. He and Jeff (her younger son) have been helping her to go through bills and other paper work that she needs to get straight, since Hugh was the one who took care of all the business matters.

After we got back from the restaurant, we sat around talking and just enjoying visiting with one another.

Gramps and I stopped at the Food City Grocery on the way home and I purchased a few items that we needed.

This morning, I began clearing off my computer desk of items that need to be filed in my filing cabinet, and right now they are lying in the floor ready to be filed away. Just as I was beginning today's blog posting, my daughter, Teresa, sent me an IM and we have been chatting away for the past hour and a half. What fun! I so enjoy the time I can spend with her. We never run out of anything to say (mostly just inconsequential stuff, but still fun).

I hear Gramps playing the tv in our bedroom.

(a Few hours later)
Mark called and asked me to follow him to the auto mechanic's home to take his truck over for a small repair. He came over in a short time and I followed him and then brought him back to his house. We sat and chatted for awhile, then I came back home. I found Gramps sitting in the living room, dressed and waiting for me to make his morning coffee, which I did, then made myself a sandwich for lunch.

Not much else doing today, except to file the papers I have lying in the floor and to balance my bank account using my Quicken program. I guess I will do that sometime before bedtime. If I can work up the enthusiasm, I may even do so this afternoon. The other day while at Walmart, I purchased the cloth to make the squares for Will's quilt. I have that to cut into one yard lengths and launder, then press prior to cutting the block squares.

We have been invited to Mark and Allie's tomorrow for a Super Bowl party. If I can get the man to go with me, we can go. It all depends on what kind of mood he will be in at the time. I am hoping he will be able to get up for church in the morning. Who knows? Only time will tell, but for now, time is not talking. ha.

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Love to you all. Bye for now.

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Barbara said...

Hi Ruby, Glad you all got to spend
time with David before he left for home.Yes Imazo will miss him,but she will alright, she is a strong
lady.We are having a beautiful day
also, but they say that will change
Mon.&Tues. Have a great evening.