Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday in Knoxville

Hey, Y'all,

Since we couldn't make it into Knoxville yesterday for Imazo's birthday, we went in today. Yesterday here was a very quiet day (again) and I did get Matt's quilt ready to send, so I am hoping to get it to the UPS place by Tuesday. (There are people here who have been waiting to see the finished product, so I need to show it to them first).

We now have a ramp at the back door, so Gramps will have an easier time getting out the back door and back in to the house when we return. The neighbor who built it for us had to put the second coat of paint on it while we were in Knoxville this afternoon, so we had to come in the front door tonight when we got back from K-town.It was a bit difficult because I had not left the garage lights on when we left for K-town. I had to get out of the car first and get into the front door and turn on the front porch light. We made it though.

Anyhow, we went to Knoxville and picked up Mae at her back door. The three of us rode in my little Yaris, which the person in the passenger front seat has to get out, and push the passenger seat up before the person who is to ride in back, can get in. So we pull up beside the back porch, I get out of the driver's seat, help Gramps get out, push the seat up, and then help Mae (sister-in-law) who is 89 yesrs old but still pretty spry, get into the back seat, then help Gramps get back into his seat, then run around to my side, and get in, help Gramps buckle his seat belt, buckle mine, and off we go, on to my brother's house.

We get to Hugh's house, I pull into his yard, park the car, get out, help Gramps get out, then help Mae get out. It is a hoot!

Hugh did not feel like getting out today, so we left Gramps with Hugh, and we three women (Mae, Imazo, and I) went to Applebee's and had a really good late lunch/early supper and took Hugh's and Gramps' supper to them. Picture above. Mae is on left and Imazo and I are on the right side of the table. I'm the one in the blue cap.

Right now , I am cooking dried apricots in preparation to making some little fried apricot pies in the morning. Yesterday, I cooked some pecan-crusted chicken strips, some fried potatoes, and some spinach for our supper. Yum, it was so good!

Nothing like good food, is there?

Well, I am looking forward to chatting online with Teresa tomorrow. Hopefully, she is feeling much better than a week ago.

I have cleaned off my sewing table for awhile, but soon I will be looking at quilt pieces to make my grandson, Will, a quilt. I already have some ideas about what design to use. He is the last of my grandchildren to make a quilt for. Then I will need to make one for my daughters. Hopefully, I will last long enough to do that. One never knows, does one? I just keep plugging along as I can.

I have just about given up hope of getting back to church for awhile. It is almost impossible to get Gramps up in time, and when I do, he is so slow moving, it is just too much. Well, God knows where our hearts are, anyway.

That is about all for now, so this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Gramps is watching his favorite football quarterback (Payton Manning) play football. I am going to start sorting quilting pieces in a while. I hope each of you has a lovely Sunday tomorrow. More later. Love to you all. Bye for now.


azdarlene said...

Hey Ruby,
Sounds like you three women are having to much fun. It is good to be able to still get together like that. I will take some fried pies in the morning, if you have any left. hahahaha!!!!! Tell the boys (Hugh and Dub) to get better so they can join the women.
Mark and I are doing the best that we can right now.
Love to all,
Darlene and Mark

Grammy said...

Hey, Darlene,
Thanks for the comment. I meant to say in my blog that after we got back to Hugh's with his and dub's food, that we sat around reminiscing about living in Possum Valley back in the 1930's. I have veen trying to find something on the history of Possum Valley, but not much is there. You and Mark hang in there. It will get easier in time. We love you all. Ruby and Dub

Judy said...

Payton Manning is my Bob's favorite football player, too, and we also watched that game. I bet you three have a ball together when you go out. Glad you got the ramp and it will make it easier for you.