Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hugh has gone Home...

This is Carol, blogging for Mom.

Mom's brother, Hugh, has gone home to the Lord tonight. He was already in hospice care at home, and suffered a heart attack. Her heart is heavy tonight, and she's headed into Knoxville to be with Imazo and any of the other relatives who will be there, holding Imazo with both their arms and their hearts.

Hugh was the last of the "Campbell Boys" of his generation. In World War II, if my memory is right on this story, men who knew one of them would see one of the others, and say, "Hey, you're a Campbell, aren't you?" Campbell men were known for their strong resemblance, and their integrity and love for their families, and their unhurried nature. My Uncle Hugh was always good to us girls. If he wanted to impart some wisdom to us, he'd hug us, and say, "Now, Honey...."

Hugh and Imazo were always inseparable. They were of single heart and mind, and loved one another deeply.

Mom's family has always been close. No matter what happened in our lives, there was always family. I'd say that's a heritage that would have pleased Grandma and Grandpa, to know they raised their children to cherish one another, to cherish family. And above all, to love the Lord their God. My Uncle Hugh is in heaven now, with his Lord. Our sorrow is his joy.

Please be in prayer for Mom and Dub and Imazo and Mae (another sister in law) and Darlene (yet another sister in law), and for Jeff and Peggy and David and Andrea, as well as all the grandkids. Hugh was a good Dad and Granddad.

Thanks for the way you all love my Mom. She's a fine lady, and is always loving others, and giving to them. Love you, Mom. Thanks for letting me do this blog.



Julia Bennett said...

So sorry to hear about Hugh. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you during this difficult time. Love, Andrew & Julia TN said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Hugh's passing. I will say a prayer for the family and rejoice for Hugh for he is in the arms of Jesus and no longer in pain. Thank you Carol for posting for your Mom. We love her too!!!!

azdarlene said...

Thank you Carol for blogging for your mom. She called and told me on her way back into Knoxville tonight. My prayers are with the whole family. We are a big family.
We love all of you,
Darlene, Becky, Kevin, Erica, nad Mark Campbell in Phoenix, AZ

Whitney said...

Hugh was a wonderful man and we are so thankful that we were able to get to know him.

We are praying for you all and Imazo tonight. We love you!

Daniel, Whitney and kids

Grammy said...

Dear Ones,
Thank you so very much for your support at this time of great sorrow...I will write more when I have time, perhaps this evening when I return from Knoxville. There is much to do today, as always during a death. Mark will be checking in on Gramps (Dub) today, while I am in Knoxville. I prayed yesterday while I watched Hugh as he slept. I prayed that he would go quickly and without pain, and the Lord heard my prayers, I am sure. Love to all of you. Thank you, Carol, for filling in for me last night. Mom (aka Ruby, Grammy, Grandma, Friend)