Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rachael Got Married

Hey, Y'all,
This weekend I went to a wedding and it was beautifully executed. The bride was lovely and the groom was handsome. I had not intended to go, but had the opportunity to do so, and did.

Yesterday, Gramps and I went to Knoxville and spent a few hours with my brother, Hugh, and wife, Imazo. Imazo and I went to Wendy's and picked up some sandwiches for the four of us. We had a really great visit, and while Imazo and I were out, I took her by a jewelry store where she was able to get a few links removed from a beautiful
watch that had been a Christmas gift. She was happy to be able to wear it then. It looks really great on her arm.

Anyway, we got back to home by around 4:45, and I dropped Gramps off at home and went to the church for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I was the honorary grandmother of Rachael, who is Mark and Allie's daughter. I had not been planning on going to the wedding or reception, but somehow, I wound up going to both the rehearsal, the wedding and the reception, and am mighty glad that I did.

I won't be posting pictures tonight, but will tomorrow. It has been a long day today, and I haven't downloaded the pics yet from my camera, and I'm about ready to go to bed. So, good night you all. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Love to you all. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...

It was a birthday gift from me and Vern. I hope it was purty. I ordered it on the internet.

Mom's Blog said...

I am SO glad you went...I don't think there could have been a proper wedding without you!

Grammy said...

Dear Sobrina Serb,
Yes, she said it was a gift from you two, and it is beautiful. I am sure she appreciates it.

Carol, thanks for the sweet comments about it being a proper wedding with me in it.

Love you both,
Tia Grammy Ma

Serbian Mink said...

Thanks for the report, Tia Gw.

btw, i've added a post to my blog, YAY.