Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol is Back!

Hey, Y'all,
Yeah, I know...You are probably not fans of American Idol...But I love watching the tryouts. All that energy...All that enthusiasm...All that youthful belief...It is wonderful to behold. Yes, I enjoy watching them sing. Some of them are really talented. The yearning is there to succeed. I am sometimes embarrassed for those who do poorly, and yes,; sometimes I laugh. One cannot help him or herself.

Well, today Gramps decided he needed a shower (thank goodness) and we got him one. Then I took one whether I needed it or not. Ha. Fortunately, it had not been but a day since I had taken one. Then Mark and Brian (his son-in-law) and little Kevin came over. Brian is an architect out in California and was measuring our basement in preparation for drawing up plans for finishing up the basement and putting in a bathroom, bedroom and family room down there.

I had a lot of fun playing with Kevin, feeding him animal cookies, talking to him, and letting him watch cartoons. He is a delightful little boy, and so very smart.

Gramps was up very early this morning, having slept most of the day yesterday, and so by 8 p.m. he was back in bed. I've worked a good part of today on Jessie's baby quilt. I hope to get it mostly finished tomorrow. She is due to deliver this next week.

Well, I need to stop for now. Time for rest this evening. More tomorrow. May each of you feel God's love and peace in your hearts. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now.


Clara....in TN said...

Hi Grammy, I watched American Idol also. My grandson and I watch it together altho he is in Knoxville and I am here. We have Mobile to Mobile phone calls and we talk all through the show. He tells me who he likes and i do the same. last night we laughed a lot. Some of the contestents were so awful. But you have to give them A for effort.


Hi Ruby, We in the UK have a TV SHOW called "The X Factor" similiar to American Idol, With Simon Cowell, I really enjoy like your good self watching the hopefuls some are really very good others not but it's fun to watch, away from all the worries of the world. Hope you and family are well.
Take care.


Judy said...

I love American Idol and try to watch it every time it is on but I like all the reality shows. I had to click back and forth between it and Biggest Loser last night. I enjoyed the rest of the wedding pictures, too.