Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Rainy, Windy Day

Hey, Y'all,
Last night, I downloaded a new game (I belong to Real Arcade Games) and get a new game every month for $9.95. Last night's game is a solitaire card game, and is a lot of fun to play and waste time playing. I was up until 1 a.m. playing, and then dragged to bed. I slept until 5 a.m. and then was up for a few minutes to get a drink of water and make a pit stop.

Back to bed and then up at a little after 7 this morning. I will probably be ready to take a nap about the time that Gramps decides to get up. I had my breakfast and cleaned the kitchen, dried a load of laundry that I had washed last night. Yesterday, I did about three loads of laundry, and folded what had already been washed and dried.

Gramps and I watched some television together last night, until he changed the channel and started watching CNN. That is where I drew the line and moved into my work/craft room. I fired up my PC and started surfing and reading.

After breakfast this morning, I came in here and turned on my PC, my television, and checked my e-mail, did a crossword puzzle on the computer at the News-Sentinel webpage, checked the obituaries and didn't find my name or the name of anyone else that I might know.

I have the television on watching (or listening to) the favorite show of senior citizens - "The Price is Right". Gramps and I have always enjoyed seeing people win prizes. I love to watch how they are so enthused when they are on and win.

Imazo said this morning that Jeff and David are helping her to sort out business matters that must be paid and taken care of. Hugh did all the management of business for the two of them, except when she ordered something, and then she took care of paying that bill.

Teresa called me yesterday afternoon to see how we were doing, and while we were talking on my home phone, Carol called me on my cell phone. I had an idea, and thought maybe they could talk to each other, so I tried something. I turned the cell phone upside down and held it to the home phone, and they were able to talk to each other, and they talked loudly enough for me to hear and talk to them. Cool, huh? I thought so.

Well, it is supposed to rain and maybe snow this evening, but I don't think it will lay. I may make some vegetable beef soup for supper. I don't know yet. I will probably go take a nap in a few minutes. No reason to really stay up for right now. More later. Love to all of you.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now.


azdarlene said...

Hey Ruby,
Glad Jeff and David are helping Imazo getting the business taken care of. I know when a spouse did all the business and then when that one passes away it does kinda get you thinking about what to do. It can be mindblogging. Once she gets the hang of it she will do fine.
Glad Teresa and Carol got to talk. That was neat the way you did that. Some phones have speakers on them which is also neat. Hope you had a day of rest after being so busy last week.
Love you,

Grammy said...

Hey , Thanks for the things you sent. I was glad to get them. Did you intend to send a death certifi cate with them? One was included in the sfuff you sent.
Love you all.


Hi Ruby thanks for passing by. So sorry to hear about Hugh. I'm glad my Butterfly poem helped in some way. You and Gramps take care of yourselves.