Monday, February 18, 2013

The Search

In just about every home all over the country, a search is either in progress or has just been launched. Why, you ask. Well, just think about how often people are heading out the door to go somewhere, or needing to call or text someone. Misplaced your car keys recently or laid down your cell phone and couldn't find them?
At about 10:30 last night, I began the search for my cell phone. Since I have no land line, it is important that I keep track of the cell phone, since I could need it at any time because of poor health. Unlike many people, I am not tethered to it. After searching through the house three times, I located it  and plugged it up to the charger.
As for my car keys, I solved that problem many years ago. I have a hook near the door that I place them on my way in the door as soon as I come in.
What have you searched for recently?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

For Every Problem...

For every problem, there has to be a solution. Today, I had one such situation. You see, I love the Cadbury Creme chocolate eggs, but with new lower dentures, I had no way of biting into it.  I just finished eating my first of the season. The answer?

I simply got a kitchen knife and cut up the chocolate egg. Voila!  It was yummy. I didn't even need my dentures to enjoy it.

Don't give up your pleasures in life just because you are presented with a problem that could put obstacles in your path.  Put on the old thinkin' cap and solve it..

Saturday, February 16, 2013

When a Person Is 79 and Lives Alone

It's a funny thing, but I had always heard about when people live alone, they do a lot of talking to themselves, but didn't really think much about it. Now, I know it to be true, because now I do it all the time. Some of the remarks I make to the television are really humorous, too, but no one else can hear them, so they are almost wasted. After all, if they can't be appreciated by anyone else, why should I even make them?  Ha!

Actually, though, I know that I'm not going to stop because I enjoy my own humor too much to stop.

Anyone who knew my family was aware that we all enjoyed a good story or a good joke. People liked hearing my dad tell a joke or a funny story and he was good at it. He had a quick retort to anyone's comment. He also laughed at his own jokes right along with those listening to them.

What prompted me to write this post today was a remark I made to a tv commercial for a thermal patch for the aching back. It showed knots in cords in the aching back. I remarked, "Ah, so that's what the knots in my back look like!"  Now you may not think that is funny, but I thought it was at the time.

What a fun time I have at my place!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Keep Watching

Hey, Y'all,
Keep watching this space for the beginning of a new story. It is right now taking shape in my imagination. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - day 112

Jack picked up the thread of his narrative. 

"Well, when she came in, she walked over to me and started  a jawin' at me, complainin' about how much trouble me 'n' my family had caused her and her business. Said you caused her a bunch of trouble with all the pokin' around you'd done, AnnaBee, and she had plans to get rid of ya, first chance. Lucy, too, although she regretted that, cause Lucy was so agreeable, but her curiosity might eventually lead her to askin' the wrong questions. She couldn't have that."

Well, now, Jack's story was getting right interesting, I thought. Now Lucy could see for herself that she wouldn't have continued to remain safe for very long. She was caught up in the story now.

"What happened next, Jack?" she wanted to know.

"They stood around for awhile talking about what she wanted them to do. Mrs. Wilson walked back over to me and  ripped the duct tape off my mouth, then asked me why I had come to my uncle's shop. What was I looking for and did I know where he had hidden papers connecting the two of them. I told her I didn't know anything about any papers. 
She didn't believe me and had one of the men begin to beating me up."

"Oh, my poor sweetheart!" exclaimed Lily. 

Jack just smiled at her, patting her hand and continued. 

"All at once in a lull in the conversation, one of the fellows thought he heard a noise outside. He looked through a crack in the barn wall and saw the police cars outside. He said, 'There's cops outside! It looks like they've got the place surrounded!' " 

"That must be when the shootin' from the barn loft started," I said.

"Yeah, Mz Wilson sent one of the men up there to see if they could hold off the cops. Then we heard the helicopters and when they all got busy inside tryin' to figure out how to get out of the mess they were in, I saw an opportunity to escape, so I began inchin' along the wall till I reached the barn door. 
That's when the police stormed the place, jist after I rolled out of the door. And that's my story." 

" Goodness!! You've had some adventures over the past few days, sorry, I mean Jack." I told him.

He just smiled, replying, "That's okay, AnnaBee, I'm just glad to be alive. I realize now that it don't matter if you call me Jack or Jackie, just as long as I'm alive to hear you." 

Turning to Lily, he hugged her close and said, "We'll have some stories to tell our children some day, won't we?"

I turned to Lucy Mae, happy to have her alive and with me. "Well, old friend, I guess it's back to the Mission for us. I'm sorry your job didn't work out." I hugged her close.

She smiled back at me. "I'm glad to be back with you. Sorry that Mrs. Wilson turned out to be bad, though. She really had me fooled; she was so very kind to me." 

"That's all right, Lucy. I'd rather have a good-hearted friend than one who trusts nobody," I told her. 

Turning to Judy, I asked, "How about we go get our little friends, Boomer and Clancy? I can hardly wait to see them." 

The nurse came in and told us we needed to go, because Jack needed some rest, but would probably be able to go home later that day. Jack looked at us and said he and Lily needed some time alone, cause he had a question to ask her. Aha! Looks like a wedding might be coming up.

The end. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 111

"I could hear them cussin' when they got out of the car. I knew they had to get me out of the trunk before they could get to the tire and the tools, and I figured maybe I could act like I was still unconscious when they saw me. They shined a flashlight in my eyes and I wasn't expectin' it, so I flinched and squinched up my eyes. They knew then that I was conscious.

"They started hittin' me and draggin' me out of the car. They were aggravated because they apparently hadn't decided what to do with me or somethin'. I got out of the trunk the best way I could, what with my hands all tied up and everything. They had tape over my mouth so I couldn't say anything. One of them picked up the car jack, and the tire iron and laid the tools down, and got the spare tire,and the other guy held a gun on me. We stood there in the dark while the short one worked on changing the tire.

"I considered makin' a run for it, but I knew the chances of my gettin' away were slim to none, with my hands fastened behind my back, anyway. My mind was still running in circles, tryin' to figure out how to escape. 

"As soon as the one guy finished changin' the tire, I nodded towards the front of the car, indicatin' that I would like to at least ride inside the passenger part instead of the trunk. The two guys looked at one another and probably thinkin' that since my hands were behind my back, I couldn't escape, they agreed to let me. The three of us climbed back into the car, but one of them got into the back seat with me, all the time holdin' the gun on me. I can tell you, though, it was mighty uncomfortable still, with my hands behind my back.

"We continued on for some time till we came to the barn where you all found me. We spent the night there. I could hear one of them talkin' on his cell phone to someone he called Boss. The boss was chewin' him out somethin' awful for bringin' me along. Apparently told them that they shoulda jist left me there, now they'd have to get rid of me.

"When I heard him tellin' the other one that bit of news, I gulped and jist knew I wasn't gonna be long for this world. They had stopped at a convenience store on our way out to the barn and got some sandwiches and some beers. I tried drinkin' some of the beer cause I was thirsty, but it was awful and I couldn't stand it. There happened to be an old cistern there and they got me some water out of it, but it wasn't much better. They jist laughed and said that pretty soon I wouldn't be needin' any water anyhow.

"I figured then that my goose was cooked, so to speak. Well, the next mornin' up into the day, here comes another car pullin' up. AnnaBee, you'll never guess who it was! You'll jist never guess!" 

I looked at Jack and said, "It wouldn't have been Mrs. Wilson from the Sunny Bright Kindergarten, now would it, Jack?" 

"You got that right on the first try, AnnaBee! It was her, in person." 

"What??" exclaimed Lucy Mae. "You've gotta be jokin', Jack! What would that sweet lady be doin' out there? Was she lost?" 

"I'm sorry, Lucy. She was the big boss in the drug ring and usin' the kindergarten as a cover for her business. She was probably rakin' in the money by chargin' the families of the children big fees, too." 

"I jist can't believe it! Not that sweet, carin' person that I've come to know," sobbed Lucy. 

Putting my arms around her, I took her over to a chair and tried to comfort her. Judy brought her a cup of water and sat down beside her. 

"It's going to be alright, Lucy. You are blessed with a heart as big as the outdoors and are so loving and giving. Please, just take comfort in knowing that everything is going to work out. Look, we have our Jack safe and sound with us! Isn't that wonderful?" I tried to reassure her. She soon calmed down and we went back over to hear the rest of Jack's story.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 110

About thirty minutes later, we were told that we could go back to see Jack. They directed us back to the emergency room, where Jack was lying on a bed, with bandages on his head and arm. 

"Hey, you all! Am I ever glad to see you again! For awhile, I thought I was a goner."

Lily ran over to Jack and gave him a big hug and a kiss, then fell to her knees beside him and replied, "I thought we would never see you again, too, but we were praying that we would." She hung onto him for dear life.

"Why don't you tell us what  happened to you?" I inquired. I was just dying to know

Here is the story he related to us: 

"I decided to go to the repair shop that my Uncle Hank owns, and scope it out, makin' plans for usin' it to open my own repair shop for engines and motors. I didn't want to do any body work, because that would mean I'd need to hire somebody to do that. I don't really care for that kind of work. 

"I had just finished eatin' some lunch and had gone to the library for awhile to study and prepare my lessons for later in the evenin'. So, about four o'clock, I showed up at the shop, and was beginnin' to look around. I still had a set of keys to it, since I had worked as night watchman for my uncle. I turned on the lights, so I could see good, and had the bay doors open to throw more light into the buildin'. 

"Just then I heard a noise comin' from the office. Curious, I headed over to it and opened the door. I saw a broken coffee cup on the floor near the desk, and papers were scattered every where, and the file cabinet drawer was pulled out. All at once, something hit me over the back of my head, and that was lights out for me.

"When I woke up, I was in the trunk of a car, and I heard loud music playin'. My head was hurtin' like crazy, just poundin', and the music wasn't helpin' any. 

"I knew the car was movin', takin' me somewhere. It was bumpin' along like over a dirt or gravel road. I had no idea what they were gonna do with me, but I knew it couldn't be good. My hands were tied behind me, so I couldn't get to the latch on the trunk lid, so I had no hope of gettin' away.

"I began thinkin' about all the stuff I hadn't gotten to do, and all the plans Lily and I had and I jist felt like cryin'. I knew that wouldn't do any good, though, so I began to try to figure out how to get outta the mess I was in.

"Knowin' that Lily would alert you all when she didn't find me at the shop, I had some hope there, but knew I couldn't count just on that. There was a jack and a crowbar in the trunk behind me. I could feel them with my fingers, so I started tryin' to rub the ropes around my wrists against the sharp edges of the crowbar. It kept movin' around, though. There wasn't room for me to try to get my hands in front of me, you know by moving them under my feet

"So, I jist started prayin', askin' God to help me outta the jam I was in. Of course, I didn't know if He would or not, but I remembered how you told me that sometimes you jist have ta trust, AnnaBee."

Then Jack asked for some water, because by now his throat was getting dry. I brought him some, because although Lily would have done it, she was hanging onto him as though she couldn't let go.

After drinking the water, he continued with his story.

"All at once, I heard a loud popping sound, and one side of the car felt lower. I knew immediately what had happened. They had a flat tire. They would either have to keep going on the rim or they would have to change the tire." 

(to be continued)    

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 109

As we sat around waiting for the Lt. and his men to return, we continued to watch the television for any more news, but it was only chatter from some daytime talk show. Then, Tanya Jane's voice broke in once more.

"This reporter has just learned that all the people who had been holed up inside the barn, with the exception of young Jack Jones, were slain by the police. I repeat, the only survivor of the onslaught by the police was Jackson Jones. He crawled to safety just before the police swarmed the building, killing all the others in the barn. I have been trying to get to Jones before they take him back to town, but he looks to be in police custody. Is he one of the supposed criminals who were in the barn? 

"Here comes another helicopter. It is a medi-vac copter to take someone to the hospital or medical facility. Wait! They're loading Jackson Jones into the copter. I'll see if I can get closer and find out how badly he is injured and what kind of injury it is. Pardon me, please...pardon me...I'm Tanya Jane Harlow with Station WLTK and I'd like to ask a few questions.."

We could see that no one was paying her any mind. It didn't seem as though any of us were going to get any answers right away. This was one time I would have liked for her to get some answers. This waiting was horrible. How badly was Jack injured? Surely, since he was able to crawl out - it couldn't have been too bad, we hoped.

Judy's cell phone startled us when it rang.

"Sgt. Allen here... yes, sir, yes, we're still here. We're watching television with that horrible reporter.  They are? I see, sir, Yes, sir, I'll see that they get there. You're staying out there at the barn? Yes, yes. Was the lady there? I see. Yes, sir, I'll do that. Thank you, sir."

Turning to us, she said that the Lieutenant was sending Jack by helicopter to the local medical facility and that he was going to be okay. He just had a few cuts and bruises but needed to be checked over to be sure. 

Looking at Lily, I thought she was about to keel over, but she smiled at us and I knew she would be okay once she saw Jack safe and sound. 

Judy turned to Lucy and me and I knew she had bad news for Lucy, who was going to have a hard time believing it. I was going to try to delay the news till we were at the hospital in case Lucy went into shock. 

"Say, Judy," I interjected before Judy could open her mouth and spill the bad news, "have you  been in the policin' business for a long time? Why don't you tell us about how you got into it? That would maybe make for a good story while we are drivin' to the hospital, wouldn't it, Lucy?"

"Yeah, sure it would," Lucy agreed. 

We went down the stairs and all got into Judy's car and were soon on our way to the hospital. Judy related to us how she had gotten interested in detecting when her parents were killed in an auto accident. A drunk driver had hit her parents car, and then fled the scene. She was about fifteen when that happened and just in high school, so that kind of turned her ideas of what she wanted to do just when she was beginning to consider classes she would take in high school. 

Just as we arrived at the hospital we heard the whirly bird above our heads getting ready to land on the helipad atop the facility. Judy parked the car and we rushed in. We rushed into the waiting area for the emergency room and ran up to the desk.

Lily blurted out, "We're here to see Jack Jones, who is just being brought in by helicopter. He's my fiance."

The receptionist smiled and calmly asked her name, then told her we would have to wait a few minutes and to just please have a seat, only to call her back up and ask about insurance. Of course, Jack probably didn't have any insurance, since homeless people don't usually.

(Tomorrow: Jack's story)