Monday, January 12, 2009

More Rehearsal Pictures

Hey, Y'all,

Had a pretty good night's sleep (well, as good as one can expect, I guess), and I thank God for it. I may have to take a nap today, though. I don't really feel fully awake, but it will be okay for now. If I want to upload pictures to my blog, early morning is best.

Weather is going to be cold this week, down into the teens at night. I have an appointment to have my right eye zapped with a laser on Friday and I hear it is going to be really cold that morning. The weather man is predicting snow showers tomorrow and Thursday. I reckon it is going to do whatever it is going to do. I also reckon I won't be going out anywhere until Friday morning.

I have laundry to finish today, and the vegetable beef soup we had last night was really good. I have enough left over for later in the week. We have enough food stocked back so that I won't have to go out for groceries all week anyway.

Here are a couple of more rehearsal pictures. The top one is Tanya and Brian's youngest child, Adam, who is only a little more than a year old. Tanya is Allie's oldest daughter and sister of the bride, Rachael. The lower one is the daughter of Bob and Julie, who are youth minister and wife. Bob conducted the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, I can't remember the baby's name. Aren't they adorable? The wedding was held in our church, New Market Baptist.
Well, it is time for my breakfast, and who knows, I may go back to bed later this morning, or maybe I won't. Right now, I just don't know. However, I will be back later this morning and post some wedding pictures. I have a bunch of them and the difficult thing will be deciding which to put on my post.
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Love to you all. Bye for now.

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