Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Time of Recovery

Hey, Y'all,

Over the past couple of days, I just stayed in my gown and housecoat, and didn't bother with dressing. I was in my blue funk mood, and was not considering doing anything except maybe a little housework, and sewing. That is exactly what I did.

This morning, I woke up ready to shower and get dressed. After taking stock of the contents of the pantry and refrigerator, I knew it was time to do a lot of things this day. No milk for breakfast, no bread for sandwiches, and there was trash to be bagged up and carried to the local dumpster. There happened to be just enough milk for Gramps' breakfast this morning, but not mine. I had collected the trash, took my Nexium for reflux, taken my shower, and gotten dressed by 9 a.m.

I was going to go ahead and do the chores I needed to do, but had not had any breakfast. I scrounged up an egg, a slice of cheese, a couple of slices of raisin bread, made some hot tea, and fixed my breakfast.

Scrambled the egg, added the cheese, toasted the bread, and sat down to eat. Then I really felt up to running out to do the errands needed to be done.

I left Gramps putting some shoe laces into a pair of shoes he wanted to wear, carried the trash out to the car, grabbed my purse, put on my coat and purple cap, and headed out to New Market. I stopped to visit with Judy at the church, went on to deposit the trash at the dump, stopped to pay our electric bill at the co-op, went on to the drug store to download some pictures into their machine, then went on to the Wal-mart for needed things, and groceries, then back to the drug store to pic up the pics. After I picked them up, I went on to the Library to get some books to read, and headed home. All that took me about two and a half hours, and I was truly worn out when I got home.

While at Wal-mart, I ran into a lady who had graduated from high school when I did. It was really great seeing her again, and we exchanged phone numbers. We stood there for awhile talking about people we both knew. I will definitely be calling her soon so we can get together and visit. It is so unsatisfactory to see someone and not be able to talk as long as you wish.

Close friends of mine and Gramps (Mark and Allie, Gene and Judy) sent flowers to the funeral of my brother, Hugh, and I am posting a picture of them. Imazo gave them to me, and I plan to set them outside in the spring. One of the flowers are azaleas, I believe.
Gramps and I are planning on going in to Knoxville tomorrow and having a late lunch with David, Imazo, and Mae. It will be good to spend some time with them.
Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to you all. Bye for now.

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