Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nothing New Yet

Hey, Y'all,
Here is the promised picture of Kyah's quilt, Kyah being the name of Jessie's baby who is due to be born next week.
This kind of quilt is called a "six-hour love quilt", but believe me, it takes me more than six hours to make one. They are called love quilts because they are made quite often as lap quilts to be given to people in nursing homes and women who go to battered wives safe houses who have babies or small children. They make wonderful lap quilts to keep people warm when they are watching television or sitting for a long time where they might get chilled. I love making them because they are so simple to make and are quilted as you stitch them.
As of now, I have no update on my brother. I will be calling Imazo around 10 a.m. I do need to go into Jefferson City today to get my medication precriptions that I called in a couple of days ago, also to get some groceries to replenish what we have been using over the last couple of weeks. It is still very cold outside, and I have yet to eat breakfast. I tried my twenty minute walk this morning but had to give it up after ten minutes because my lower back just wouldn't let me do it, but I will go back down tomorrow morning and try again.
My plans are to go into Knoxville in the early afternoon to visit for a couple of hours and then I will post again after I get home from there. I heard something this morning as I was walking about snow showers tomorrow. (I listen to the radio as I walk. I unplug it each time I stop walking, then turn it on again when I begin, so the digital time blinks beginning with 12:00 and I can keep track of how many minutes I walk).
Well, on to breakfast and then a shower. Then out into the cold to go to Jeff City. BRRRRRRRRRRRR. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for right now. Love to you all. Bye for now.

4 comments: TN said...

Hi Grammy, Hope Hugh is O.K. this morning! I love the quilt. You are so smart. I have been crocheting and knitting some little things, but i need to work on some quilts too. Someone will be very proud of that one!

Paula said...

Grammy, please be careful. You know, exercise is a great help with back pain....but you have to get your back used to it! Try some stretches too!

Grammy said...

Thank you, Clara, and Paula. I will try a few stretches in the morning before I try walking. I will let you know how it works.

Barbara said...

HI ruby I can't seem to get my
coments sent now, I guess I am doing something wrong.I will get someone to help me, Anyway I hope
Hugh& Imazo had a good day.