Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey, Y'all,

Well, Sunday passed slowly, kind of. Gramps did get up around 10 a.m., so that was a plus. I got up earlier and made fried mini-pies using the dried apricots that I had cooked on Saturday evening. By the time he was up, I had fried the pies, and cleaned the kitchen. We had breakfast at the same time. Then he got dressed and I did some planning of how to begin a quilt for our grandson, Will.

We had a late dinner (lunch for some of you all) and then around 4 p.m. Jennifer and Nelson stopped by for a couple of hours. For those of you who don't know Jen and Nelson, they are our Taiwanese grandchildren (honorary). Jen is going to Carson-Newman and Nelson is a student at University of South Dakota (up where the winters are really cold). We had a lovely time chatting and I showed Nelson my blog, so I am hoping he will become a reader. Jen already is a reader. :) We had some hot tea and little fried pies together. They are coming back tomorrow for some of my Potato Soup and cornbread muffins. I will be baking a pumpkin pie early in the morning. (All the minipies are gone).

Gramps and I were talking about our new ramp this morning and I opened the door to show it to him again. He looked at it, and said, "Now they can run the cattle in, can't they". (It looks kind of like the ramp they drop from the back of a cattle truck for the cattle to run up into the truck bed). He said it so dryly that I just had to laugh out loud. It was so very funny. He has such a way of saying witty things.

We went to the podiatrist today to get our toenails trimmed, and of course, it is always a thing I don't look forward to, because nine times out of ten, I get clipped a little close on one of my big toes, and wind up with a little blood. Today was no different. I left with a little stocking on one of my big toes. They have these cute little toe sized covers that they can put on your toes. I feel so special ! Ha. Gramps had to go in to a room by himself while I was filling out papers on my medical history so that I could get my toenails trimmed (first time to this particular podiatrist). I heard him tell the nurse that he left his toes on one foot at St. Mary's hospital a long time ago. (She had asked him what had happened to his toes).

After we left the podiatrist's office, I stopped at Marion's house to show her Matt's quilt, and then went on to the church where her daughter, Judy, works as secretary, and showed her the quilt.

Gramps and I went on down to the Strawberry Plains Cracker Barrel and had a good meal. We decided to eat a breakfast. We are now back at home, and each watching our choice of television. I have every intention of going in the morning to get my hair cut and UPSing Matt's quilt to him. I will encourage Gramps to stay in bed and rest in the morning till I get back from Jefferson City. It won't be hard to do, I am sure. Ha.

I spent a couple of hours this morning cutting out quilt pieces using a good amount of the cloth that Margaret (my sister) had in her apartment. I will be posting a few pictures of the quilt when I am sure that it has arrived at Matt's home. I don't want to spoil the surprise for him, because I know he reads this blog.

Well, this is it for this evening. More tomorrow. May each of you experience God's peace in your heart. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the night. Bye for now.


Mom B said...

Nice that Jen and Nelson are in town. I know you enjoy them. Glad you took pics of the quilt...I was going to suggest you do, and wait until he gets it. I guess great minds think alike!

Matthew said...

HA HA, I am waiting with rapt anticipation!

Grammy said...

That is correct. I sent it today, and Matt should have it on thursday. I sent it either fedex or Ups by ground.
I will pubilish pictures on Friday.
Shams are included.
Loveyou both.
Mom (aka Gramdma)


Hi Ruby I do enjoy reading your blogs, it's like your talking personally to the reader, regardless of the thousand of miles between us.
Thanks for visiting "My World"...... much appreciated.
Take care in the cold weather.


Judy said...

Your potato soup and cornbread sounds just wonderful. It is a rainy, dreary day here and I could use some comfort food. I had to laugh, too, about the cattle ramp. How funny.