Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Gathering of Family

Hey, Y'all,

Yeah, I know it is a different size type today, but I thought I would try a different font, and different size to see how it transposes into the post.

Yesterday, our family gathered to say a final goodbye to Hugh, until that time when we see him again. A few of us gathered at Hugh's and Imazo's home, and then proceeded to the cemetery and lined the cars in a procession to the graveside. We alighted from the cars and edged our way up to the chairs that had been placed beside the grave.

The grandsons and nephews of Hugh then carried his bier up to the grave and placed it on the stand above the empty grave. The wind blew in small gusts, making us feel the chill of the day. It was nothing compared to the chill we felt in our hearts for the temporary loss of Hugh in our lives.

The pastors who had conducted the services for Hugh the night before were there to say a few more words in our behalf. Then the flag that had draped Hugh's casket was handed to Imazo, hands were shaken by the pastors, and we were left to proceed to our cars after some of us stood around to talk. I took Dub and Carol and myself on down to the car, because I didn't want to stand around in the cold, when I knew we would be gathering at their church in a short time.
We headed on out of the cemetery and toward the church.

We arrived at the church to find the food ready to serve. They have a fine man who takes care of seeing that food is prepared and served for such occasions as this one. It was not long before we had taken off our coats and picked up a plate to serve ourselves at the bounteous table.
After we had filled our plates, we seated ourselves at one of several tables that had been set up for us, and spent a time eating and sharing stories, and enjoying time together. After we had finished chowing down, I got out my camera and handed it over to Carol, and she proceeded to taking group pictures so we would have a pictorial record of those who were there.
We all had a lovely time and I know Hugh would have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that we were there and would have been happy to see us remembering him in such a fashion. After the picture taking, we kind of all went our separate ways except for Jeff, David, Imazo, Carol, Andrea, Steven, Gramps, and me. We went back to Imazo's and sat around chatting, and enjoying the quiet time. This gave us a while to kind of relax and reflect on the last few days.
Too soon it was time to say goodbye to Steven and Carol. David and Andrea took them to the airport so they could head home to their separate destinations. Gramps, Imazo, Jeff and I sat a while longer and visited.
Top picture is of Middle Generation cousins: Carol (my daughter), Norma (Mae and Bill's daughter), David (Hugh and Imazo's son), Andrea (David's wife), Jeff (Hugh and Imazo's son), Peggy (Jeff's wife).
Next picture is of senior generation: Gramps, me, Imazo, Mae.
Next picture is the whole group of those who were gathered together. All are related to each other and Hugh and I in some way.
Last picture is of the youngest generation cousins, spouses, girl friends, and grandmother, Imazo.
Well, that is it for today. Gramps and I will be headed to Knoxville to have breakfast with Imazo, Jeff, David and Andrea before she heads back to Tucson to work. David is staying on through Saturday before heading back home. I will have a lot of catching up to do of housework when I get back this afternoon, but I have found that housework will wait. In fact, it goes nowhere until it is done. Ha.
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Breakfast waits for me, and my tummy says it is time to fill it. Love to you all. Bye for now.


Judy said...

I am sure you enjoyed seeing all the relatives and friends at the funeral and like you said Hugh was glad everyone was there. I don't worry about housework nearly as much as I used to!

azdarlene said...

I am glad to see that Hugh had such a nice service and seeing relatives and friends. Hugh would have really enjoyed it himself. It is a shame even out in AZ that we see everyone just at funerals/memorials and weddings. We do need to spend time with friends and relatives more often. Like someone said Stop and Smell the Roses.
Glad that David gets to stay and visit with his mom this week.
Mark, Kevin, Becky and I are saving money so we can come and visit hopefully next year. We miss being out there with you.
Love you all
Darlene, Mark, Kevin & Becky

Grammy said...

Thanks, to both of you.
Darlene, I'm glad you all are making plans to come and visit. We look forward to seeing you all.