Monday, May 21, 2018

CeCee's Adventure - Day 33

All at once, I realized he was not as proud of my clever actions as I had been. I felt a taste like that of ashes in my mouth.

What would he say to me? Just what had I done that had been so wrong?

My brothers and sisters filed by me, looking worried. That certainly didn't give me any good sensations, either.

Was Papa going to spank me because I had destroyed a petticoat?

At last, we were alone and Papa stood looking down at me.

"CeCee, let's go over and sit on the edge of the porch, where we can talk comfortably."

"Okay, Papa."

I reached for his hand.

He looked down at the cloth, still wrapped around my right hand, and said nothing, but he gave me his hand.

A minute later, we sat on the porch and I waited for I knew not what.

I could almost see my brothers and sisters gathered at the screen door, waiting for the ax to fall on me.

Then I heard my mother speak in low tones to them, giving them instructions to go wash up for supper.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Cecee's Adventures - Day 32

Within minutes we had wrapped our hands with the torn pieces of my petticoat and gone back to work pulling weeds. We were able to go much faster then. By lunchtime, we were beginning to wilt as much as the weeds we had been taking from the dusty ground.

"Oh, look at us! We are covered in red dust! Mary, you look so funny! Your eyes are in the middle of red powder!" shouted my little sister, Daisy.

We looked up overhead at the sun shining down on us.

"Dinnertime!"we heard Robert say. He had walked up behind us while we had been staring at one another's dust covered clothing and beings.

The five of us, with Robert,  headed for the little house where we were living. We were joined by Papa. He was wiping his forehead with a big red bandanna. His face was almost as red as the rag.

"Papa!" I shouted. "We've been pulling weeds! Look at our hands! They are really hurting! We've got little sores on our hands."

"Where did you get the rags around your hands?" Papa wanted to know.

"From my petticoat!"  I said proudly. "I tore some strips from it and wrapped our hands."

"You What?!" He said very softly, almost under his breath.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Cecee's Adventure - Day 31

We began our task of uprooting weeds and making a small pile of them. It was harder than it looked and it wasn't long before the grumbling began.

"I don't see why we gotta do this!"

"Does Papa know that we're having to  pull up these danged old weeds?" complained  Eugene.

He could always be counted on to complain about work. He was a great talker, too..

"Yes", Cecee said. "We wouldn't be here if he didn't. I heard him and Mama talking before we came out here. It was one of the reasons we were let to come. Everybody except the little ones have to work."

We kept pulling weeds and putting them on top of the growing pile.

Within an hour we were beginning to feel the pain in the palms of our hands.

"Look,Cecee," cried Daisy. " My hands are all red and they hurt!"

She began sobbing pitiably.

" I have an idea," said Cecee. "Just a minute!"

Cecee, turning away from them, lifted her skirt and began to tear strips from her petticoat.

After about ten minutes, she turned back around with several strips of white cloth, enough for each of their hands.

"Okay, step over here and I'll wrap your palms and then we can get back to work."

Within minutes they were all back at work.

Mary, who was the oldest, said, "Cecee, what do you think Mama will say when she sees your petticoat torn up like that?"

"Well, I'll cross that bridge when i come to it," she said smartly, but she did begin to worry about her hasty action.

To be continued.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cecee's Adventure - Day 30

After walking for about fifteen minutes. we reached the fields where we were destined to spend many hours that summer so long ago.

We discovered many rows of plants covered with buds beginning to show white at the tips.

":Here are the cotton plants where we will be getting rid of the weeds that have sprung up between them."" Robert informed us with a smile. "Don't leave any, not even a tiny one."

"How are we supposed to get the weeds out, anyway?"   This came from Eugene.

"You'll be pulling them by hand, of course."

"Without any thing on our hands?" i inquired.

"Oh, don't worry! They'll toughen up after a few days!" Robert said, with a smile.

'Where do we put the weeds?" Arthur piped up.

"Just put them in a pile, we'll burn them later, after they dry out." This again from Robert.

We began our job of pulling weeds.

"Now, get hold of the plant near the ground, like this, and you'll have an easier time of it." instructed Robert,  demonstrating the action."

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cecee's Adventures  - Day 29
            Well, it seemed as though breakfast was going to be brief. As soon as we were gathered, we discovered we would be having grits, and coffee.  There was no meat that morning, although there would be later on.
            "How can we work after only having this for breakfast?" I complained.
            "Oh, CeCee! You're always complaining!" remarked my brother, Eugene.
            "Am not! You complain more than anybody!" I shouted in reply.
            "Children! No more, or it;s a hickory switch for the both of you!"
My Mama's word was law to us.
We quickly finished our breakfast and headed for the door.
Mama told us to wear something on our heads to keep the sun from burning us.
We found bonnets and hats to put on and went out the door.
It was barely daylight when we left the house.
Cousin Robert was waiting; he had been sent back to get us.
"From now on, you'll be going to the field by yourself. Just for this morning, I'm showing you the way."

I looked up and saw the sun was just barely rising over the trees surrounding the main house where the owner lived.

The heat was oppressive and sweat was beginning to run down Robert's face and I could feel the beads of sweat around the collar of my dress.

'What are we going to be doing, Cousin Robert? What can little kids do, anyway?"

"Do you know what weeds are?"

To be continued..

Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 28 - Cecee's Adventures

We went to bed, so very tired, yet the excitement seemed to bubble up within me! We were finally here in Texas.

There were not a lot of beds, so we slept several to a bed. Mama and Papa were the only ones who had their own bedroom. The rest of us were in one room, and it seemed crowded.

My sisters, Mary and Daisy slept in the same bed with me. The other bed had Eugene, Arthur, and King. Baby Edith was in a crib in our room. It seemed like we were wall to wall kids. I suppose that you could say we were.

Morning seemed to be upon us all too soon.

Mary was shaking me by the shoulders, telling me to get up, I looked at her, the sleep still in my eyes.

"Come on, sleepyhead ! Everyone else is already in the kitchen, ready for breakfast! Papa's already out working, and we have to go as soon as we have dressed and eaten!"

I couldn't believe it! Our first morning here, and I had overslept.

"What are we supposed to do when we work? Daisy and I are too little!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 27 - Cecee's Adventures

My Mama herded us all into the house.

"All right, children! The first thing we're going to do is bathe! After days of traveling and no place to wash, that is first on the list of things to take care of!"

She began to bark out orders...

"Arthur, you. Mary and Eugene begin carrying water into the kitchen while I light build a fire in the cookstove. Cecee, you and Daisy begin carrying in some firewood! King, you and Edith stay out of the way."

She arranged some chairs together and made a play pen with them, to keep King and Edith enclosed safely.

Everyone had a task to do.

Papa was outside, talking his brother and to the owner of the ranch, getting information about the running of the ranch. I found out later that Papa was just one of many workers on the big ranch.

Before long, Mama had a fire going in the stove, and she had found some provisions on shelves in the kitchen. She not only was heating water, but cooking some food for us.

It was all very exciting.

When supper was ready, she put it on the table and we knew the baths would be coming after supper.

When we were all gathered at the table, Papa bowed his head.

"Father, thank you for the safe journey. Thank you for this food and a place to work and live. Help us be true to you in the days ahead. Amen."

It was simple food, but tasted oh, so good!