Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fred's Dilemma - Day 5

"What I'd like to know, is why am I in custody? I haven't done anything! You've obviously made a mistake, officers!"

"All will become clear when we talk, Mr. Lyman! This way, please."

They took him to an interrogation room. It was small, with the obligatory table and four chairs. There were no windows, and it seemed to be airless, at least to Fred. Fred noticed the two way mirror, realizing there might be observers to the questioning.

"Where did you spend your evening, Mr. Lyman?"

"My mother and I went out to eat at around seven thirty and then about an hour later, we went to her apartment."

"Then, what?"

"We had a discussion about her finances, and then I went to bed. I work hard, and need my sleep."

"And how did that discussion end, Mr. Lyman? Was there any violence involved?"

"My mother threw a vase at me. Knowing her temper, I ducked and it hit the television, cracking the screen. She seemed to think the advice my father's business partner was giving her was good to follow. I told her she was behaving foolishly. She was going to be penniless if she listened to Harry."

"Was, you say?"

"Yes, why?"

"Why are you speaking of her in the past tense, Mr. Lyman? Tell us what happened next? Is that when you knifed her? Seems like you must have inherited her temperament, hmmm?"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fred's Dilemma - Day 4

"Listen, officer! I don't know what the problem is...Can't we discuss it? " 

"All in good time, sir. Now, just sit back and we'll be at the station in no time. It will all become clear then."

Fred, by this time, was perspiring freely. Even though it was cool enough inside the car, he was so nervous that his shirt was damp. He tried thinking back to his argument with his mother. Sure, it had become loud, but then, their discussions over her handling of his father's estate had always been noisy.

And, yes, the neighbors had called the police several times lately to complain. Those apartment walls were paper thin. She had never been good at managing money, and now, with all those investments his father had carefully made...she had was going to blow it all if he didn't stop her. 

Within minutes, they were at the station, and Fred was being helped from the back seat of the cruiser.

"Morton, did you read him his rights?" 

Another officer asked this of the patrolman who had brought Fred in.

"Uh...I," Morton stuttered. 

Then, turning to Fred, Morton began the litany..."You have the right to remain silent..."

 (to be continued)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fred's Dilemma - Day Three

"Wait, my car! I can't just leave it here..."

"Your car will be taken care of, sir. Now, be careful getting into the patrol car. Watch your head, sir."

The officer had placed plastic cuff strips around his wrists. 

Fred couldn't understand why they had taken him into custody.

"I want to call a lawyer. You have no right to treat me this way!"

"All in due time, sir. All I know is, I have a warrant for your arrest. You'll have to wait to find out more."

The officer stepped inside the patrol car and put the car into drive. 

Fred was beginning to sweat. 

His mother's home was only an hour away from where they had stopped his car. 

Had the neighbors called the police when they heard him and his mother arguing? Had they filed a complaint? Was this what all the fuss was about? 

(To be continued)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fred's Dilemma - Day two

The patrolman's boots made a crunching sound as he approached Fred Lyman's car.

"Sir, would you please keep your hands where I can see them, and hand me your license and automobile registration?

Fred reached into the glove compartment, removing the registration paper. However, he realized he didn't have his license. It was back at his mother's on the night stand, in his wallet.

"Is this your car, sir? Are you Fred Lyman?"

"Yes, look, I'm sorry. My license is at my mother's home."

"Hmmm. Don't you know that's against the law, Mr. Lyman? Please step from the car, sir. We need to go have a talk, anyway. How long since you left your mother's apartment?"

"About three hours, why do you ask?"

"Let's just go back here to my cruiser, Mr. Lyman. It is just a short distance to the station."

"Why did you stop me? I wasn't speeding. My car is in good condition, with no broken taillights. I don't understand!"

"We've been looking for you, sir. Now, if you'll just come quietly, we'll get the matter taken care of."

"What matter?? What are you talking about?"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fred's Dilemma

The hour was late; Fred was in a hurry as he drove toward his appointment with destiny. Would he be able to retrieve his belongings?

He knew he shouldn't have left them lying on the bedside table at her apartment. He had gone to see his mother, at her request, even realizing it could end badly. He had to know how deeply she was immersed in that shady business. That was his reason for going.

They had gone out to dinner and everything seemed to be going smoothly, until that waiter had accidentally spilled that soup as it was being placed in front of his mother.

"Do you call that thick emulsion soup?" She shouted angrily! "Where did Louis find such a careless waiter as yourself?"

From then on, the evening became the same mundane event as many we had experienced before, Fred thought to himself.

The owner, Louis Fontayne, came over and profusely apologized; my mother sniffed and told him she realized how difficult it was to find competent help. Louis comped our meal and we finished soon.

After they had talked, no - argued - again he had gone to bed, only to awaken sometime later to hear his mother talking to someone on the telephone

The light shining from the hallway, underneath his closed door caused him to wonder what his mother could be doing up at that hour.

He knew it must have something to do with that deal she had going with his deceased father's business partner.

Fred had wanted his mother to remain invested in diversified stocks, but Harry had convinced her to put that big chunk of money into a deal on the west coast that "just couldn't fail!" It just wasn't practical!

Fred had gotten up and hurried out into the hallway.

"Mother! Why aren't you in bed? You know that with your heart trouble you need your rest!"

"Young man, why don't you just go! Leave me alone! You only came to badger me, so you might as well go!"

Fred remembered as he drove through the night, how he had hastily gotten dressed, leaving his fountain pen, wallet, pocket watch, and knife on the bedside table.

Just then, he heard the sound of a siren, and headlights shining in his rear view mirror were blinding. Then he noticed the amber lights flashing.

 After pulling over, he heard the clunk of the patrolman's car door closing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Test - Part Two

When I was called to come into the testing area for the chemical stress test, I greeted and was greeted in return by the two ladies there.  We remembered each other from the times before. Very simpatico.

I was immediately hooked up to the EKG stuff, and a blood pressure cuff was put on my right arm, followed by their beginning to monitor my vital signs.  Then the chemical was injected into the iv needle, and I had to begin describing how I was reacting physically to it.

At once there is a constricting warm feeling in the throat, chest, and arms. They give you a cup of water to drink, with instructions to do so. At once, you feel nausea, have difficulty swallowing, and have a headache. Then the feeling begins to subside. My arms were hurting, so they gave me an injection of a drug to counteract the drug to simulate the stress. I can't remember the name of the counteracting drug.

They gave me a small bottle of orange juice and some peanut butter and crackers.

They could tell from the monitor when the pacemaker I have took over the beating of my heart. It actually does two-thirds of the heart beating.

After more rest, I repeated the fourteen minute picture taking session that I did at first. The needle was removed and after clipping the two arm bands, I was given the opportunity to say goodbye to the place until I return next Tuesday for the pacemaker check and to see the Doc and hear the results.

All my testing took about three hours or so.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


For those of you who have never had a chemical Stress Test or an Echocardiogram, this is how mine went yesterday.

After being checked in at the Heart and Vascular Center, you wait til your name is called. Then you proceed to the first room where you have an IV needle placed in a vein, after which they inject a radioactive isotope and  you drink a cup of water.  You then sit awhile and wait for the isotope to circulate to the heart.

Next step is going to another room where you lie on your back for fourteen excruciating minutes with arms above your head, while a machine makes a very slow circuit over the chest, taking pictures of the isotope circulating in the heart.

That was painful to me because of the spinal stenosis I have. I got up with numb feet and legs.

The next procedure is an Echocardiogram. In this procedure, electrodes such as are used in doing an ekg are placed on the chest. Then after donning a beautiful paper shirt or gown, open in the front,  the patient lies on his (her) left side and the technician has an instrument such as sonograms are done with. The Tech applies a gel to the head of the instrument and proceeds to place it in various spots on and under the left breast of the patient and the action of the heart is registered on the machine that is operated by the tech.

Thirty minutes later, the patient is released to put their blouse or shirt back on, then head back to the waiting area.  Ten or fifteen minutes later, after sitting in the waiting area again, the patient is called to have the stress test done.

Tomorrow, I will relate the procedure for that, because this is already longer than I thought it would be!