Saturday, April 19, 2014



While casting about for a subject
Beginning with the letter "Q",
I was beginning to think, "O, Heck,
I'll not be able to save my neck."

When my eyes cast about, searching,
Hunting, then gazed upon the table
Next to my sewing machine I use
Most days in endless labor and I saw,

My latest labor in which I endeavor 
To complete the quilt I am working on.
One in a week or less; I make a new one,
Working from dawn to setting sun. 

Of quilts I've made quite a few,
And given away to those people I knew.
It gives me a great amount of pleasure, 
Sharing with family and friends.

Trusting they will receive and treasure,
The gifts I put together with love,
With fabric and batting of cotton.
When I am long gone, I trust they'll

Look upon these quilts with their name 
And mine upon the label,
Then hold the quilt in their embrace,
Remembering me with love and grace.


One of the many quilts I've done for babies. 

Friday, April 18, 2014



Our lives are filled with patterns
In every place we see many repeat
Designs if only we look for them.

They shout it in our faces.
"Look at me: don't you see my beauty,
And my lines of stylish grace?"

When we make a piece of clothing.
The fabric has patterns of its own,
Copied from designs found in nature.

"Nature?" you may inquire as you gaze
At me. "Of course!, Don't be amazed
At my reply. Just look about you and 

You'll see how God created each 
And every pattern that man has
Copied from flower and rock,

The skies and all you see.
Just observe - the pyramids and
The mountain peaks are great 

Examples whereof I speak,
The whirlpool of concentric circles,
Becomes for us the simple toy

We call the Slinky -  and here's the kick!
The spear man invented, it's just a sharp
Rock on the end of a stick. 

The crocheted doily - nah, just a flower
Copied called Queen Anne's Lace,
The trifold hat of the French -

Just copied from the Trefoil Flower
Designs created by The Almighty who
In the beginning, created world and everything

In it, including flowers, birds, beasts and men.
Don't forget and look around you, friend,
Search for designs, here, forever, Amen!"

Thursday, April 17, 2014



It has been said of Jim, quite often,
Because of his truculent, stubborn determination 
Although it causes endless vexation
Of others, he displays a natural born orneriness. 

"Why, I do declare," states Jim's Mama in despair
"I don't know where he got it from!
His daddy is so patient and kind,
And never seems to mind

Agreeing to what or how stuff is done.
But not our Jim! He never will agree
To what's proposed, cause when he
Gets somethin' in his mind

Not even dynamite could change his aim,
His mind is as firmly set as the Rock 
Of Gibraltar: it couldn't be more firmly fixed,
Than that ornery idea of his.

That's just the way it is,
In that stubborn heart of his.
One thing I know, however,
Is that for the one he chooses to love,

It will be forever!"
That's exactly what she said, 
When asked about his turn of mind.
Now ask me and I will say,
"I'm so happy he found me,
And since it's just my Jim and me,
Now he's not by half so ornery.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No One

               No One

In a world filled with sin and hate,
Mixed in with love and caring,
Sometimes we see some intimidate
And push others around - 

Yet mostly we just say, "Tsk, tsk"
And click the tongue as if to say,
"How sad," then like mere observers
Wind up looking the other way.

Does no one really see,
Are we all so unaware,
So that when we see big bullies,
On other nations encroach,

Across the borders and take over,
We send emissaries to say,
"No, no! You can't do that,"
Then watch it taking place,

Because we are afraid to 
Stand and defend as once we did.
Now prefer we to ask for weak
Diplomacy, just look the other way.

Where do we learn such cowardice?
Is it learned or is it taught?
"Just mind your own business,
Keep your fingers out of it."

When children in the schoolyard,
Are circled round about and watch
Some one get pummeled hard,
Mothers warn, "Just you keep out of it,

If you see someone get hit and pushed,
 I don't want you gettin' hurt!
You don't need to be involved,
In such a bloody rout. Stay out of it!'

Ah yes, does No One care,
Longer than just a glance,
Then look the other way.
In this world with bullies and hate

Today? No One? 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



It would seem as though for every ill,

Exists a medicine of liquid or pill,
Created  to cure or treat at will.

Does your heart murmur, day in and out?
There is a monitor for that, there is no doubt.
Or perhaps you have "The Trots"

Or ye sinuses are clogged with...mucus?
Er, you get the idea, of that I'm certain,
Somehow, that from something we're hurtin'

With some minor ache or pain.
Waiting to feel whole again,
So we can feel mostly better!

Do you remember taking Castor Oil,
In days of bygone youth,
And we would have to hold our noses,

To swallow down the stuff?
The illnesses were quite enough
To survive, without the agony of cures.

Say, have you seen my walking cane?
I know I put it somewhere..oops!.
There went my memory out again!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Linsey Woolsey

When first the settlers from Great Britain to this country came,
They brought with them a fabric by the name
Of Linsey Woolsey for to cover their frames,
And keep them warm in wintertime.

One thing about this common clothing,
You see, it often was slightly scratchy,
Even itchy, but inexpensive to produce,
So it was widespread in its use.

Why call it by such a title? 
It was a clever combination,
Made of cotton or linen, plus wool;
Clothing many a generation

Of common folk for years.
I don't think that I would care 
For such a roughly woven stuff
Though it would keep me warm enough.

From fifteenth century was said to come,
'Twas worn by poor folk all 
They grew all the stuff they needed,
To weave the cloth for short and tall.

Now this poem may also be called
Lynsy Wolsye as it defines a mixture 
Or Jumble of incongruity,
Surely you can clearly see? 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


               Do Ye Ken?

In the land of the Scots,
It was often asked of a girl or boy,
"Aye, me Bonny lass or lad,
Do ye ken, or not?"

The question had nae to do,
With who she were,
But inquired instead
If she understood..

That term is ne'er heard
E'er more in these modern times,
But I feel 'tis needed more
Than e'er before,

Because we all run about
Oblivious to truth,
Searching for answers
When we just need more couth,

It still should be used to
Stop and ask (as in the land
Of the Scots, that once it was)
"Do ye ken or not?"