Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Visit to the Hospital

Hey, Y'all,
I went to see Hugh today at the hospital and found my grand nephew and his wife, Andrew and Laura, along with Andrew's dad, Jeff, visiting Hugh. It was really wonderful to see them again. Of course, Jeff is Hugh's youngest son. Andrew and Laura were telling us about the skiing trip they had returned from a week ago. They had reservations at a condominium at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and could not get there when they wished to. There was so much snow in Jackson Hole that planes could not land there for several days, so they were stranded in Denver for 2 or 3 days. However, they did finally get there and had a wonderful time, and got to stay the full amount of time (a week).

I found Hugh hooked up to a couple of IV's. One was Lasix and the other potassium. His legs and abdomen are still quite swollen with fluid, but hopefully will soon be better. The doctor explained yesterday that the fluid leaking from his leg is protein in the tissues that is getting out the best way it can. It seems that there is so much collected in the tissues and arteries, it tries to find a way out. By the way, the fluid is still leaking out that little place in the lower leg.

He is rather uncomfortable, because of the difficulty breathing, and can't get to sit up the way he would like to. He also has a cough brought on by the congestive heart failure. They are measuring his intake and output of fluid since that is very important data that they need to track.

I visited with them for a couple of hours. Imazo had gone home to shower and get refreshed, so was not there when I arrived, but she did get back a little while before I had to leave. I did not want to stay too long because I didn't want to stay away from Gramps too long. I made us some egg sandwiches when I got home and we had a couple of cookies for dessert.

Well, that is about all for now. More when I know more. Love to all of you. I think I may make an early night of it tonight. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now.
Bye till another time.


Barbara said...

I was glad to here about Hugh this
morning, I talked to Imazo a couple of times yesterday,
I hope he gets better soon.
I will be watching your blog.
Love Barbara TN said...

Hi Grammy, I'm glad you got to visit with Hugh. I left Bill for a couple of hours yesterday too! I went to my cousins house to cut her hair. My outings are getting fewer a farther between.
We have ice here in Blugg City this morning. I walked to the mail box to get the paper and it was really hard to stand up.
Have a good Sunday!!