Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alyssa Peige!

Hey, Y'all,

Today our great Granddaughter, Alyssa Peige, is one year old. We haven't seen her in person yet, but we know she is adorable, because we have seen some pictures of her. We would love to see her sometime and look forward to when we can. She is with her mom, Natasha, and grandmother in Florida.

Her dad, Will, is in the United States Air Force in Minot, North Dakota. Our daughter, Teresa and husband,Tom. are paternal grandparents. They don't get to see Alyssa very often either. I am posting a picture of Natasha, Will, and Alyssa and a picture of Teresa holding Alyssa, and one of Alyssa by herself. Isn't she just a beautiful baby?

I am hoping Alyssa will have a wonderful birthday, and a great year to come. We love you, Alyssa! The picture of Teresa and Alyssa is the wall paper on my computer right now. I can see them when I turn on my computer.
Well, this is Friday morning, and I have a lot to do today. Have to eat breakfast, carry out the trash, wake up Gramps and get him fed and showered, and then get into Knoxville early afternoon.
Tanya is in for Rachael's wedding but I haven't had a chance to see her yet, and may not. I don't know. I hope to. I can't attend the wedding either, so that is a bummer.
Breakfast calls and I must go to answer that call. Tummy rumbles, and I am hungry. The mouth must be fed. Ha. More later. Love to all of you. Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the day. Bye for now.


Judy said...

Oh, my, Grammy, she is just a little doll and I hope she has a wonderful birthday. You have a good weekend, too. TN said...

She is a beautiful baby. You are very blessed to have her even tho you haven't seen her. May she have a very Happy Birthday!

azdarlene said...

Oh My, Ruby, that quilt is beautiful. I do think Margaret would give her approval on how you did it and how it turned out. Of course, Alyssa is beautiful to. She is so cute, just want to squeeze those cheeks and to hold her and spoil her. You will have time when you see her and I know Carol has gotten a head start on you......hahahaha!!
Love to all
Darlene and Mark

Grammy said...

The picture is of Teresa and her granddaughter, not Carol. But that is okay. Carol hasn't seen this Alyssa either.
Love you all,