Thursday, January 8, 2009

Matt's Quilt -Finished and Sent

Hey, Y'all,
I finally got Matt's quilt finished and sent to him. He received it today, so I am able to post pictures of it. I didn't have the right size bed to spread it on to take pictures of it, so I spread it across Gramps' bed and mine to display it. The close up is of the detail in the quilt. You will see pillow shams I made to go with the quilt, up at the top of the quilt.
We have had a quiet few days. The weather has been okay, but not great. I have been doing stuff around the house. I haven't really been out the past couple of days. I began working on our grandson, Will's, quilt. I have already sorted out the pieces I am going to use, and have begun sewing them in preparation for the blocks that they will be appliqued onto. The cloth for the blocks or the backing has not yet been purchased.
For supper tonight, I prepared fried chicken livers, boiled some corn on the cob, made some biscuits and gravy, and opened a can of spinach (we both love spinach). We really enjoyed our supper and it is a good thing nobody could see the kitchen when I got through cooking supper! It was a regular disaster area! But it is clean now.It only took me about half an hour to clean it up.
Tomorrow, we will be going into Knoxville to visit with Hugh and Imazo, and hopefully Mae. About once a week is what we have been able to travel in to see them. It is not too easy to get Gramps up and about. I like to let him sleep in as much as I can, then when I really want to take him somewhere he is more agreeable to do so.
We are having some work done on the carport. Our neighbor who built the ramp for us is closing in the end of the carport so it won't be so open and will make it so there is not a wind tunnel when we step out the door to go somewhere. He got the footing made for the wall today.
When spring comes, I want to make another flower garden, and this one will be on the other side of the carport. Does it sound silly that I am making plans for the spring? After all, winter only began less than a month ago. But as the poet said, "Oh, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?"
Well, I thought I had more to say than I have written, but I guess I don't. It is late and I need to get to bed, so that I can get up in the morning. I hope each of you, my readers, is getting a good night's rest. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the night. Bye for now.


Mom B said...

The quilt is really beautiful. It has both the heart of Margaret and of you quilted into it. What a treasure!
Love, Carol


The quilt is really beautiful, I hope you have a lovely week-end.
Take care. and God bless.


Grammy said...

Thank you, Carol. I know Margaret would really be pleased that he has it.
Love you, Mom

Grammy said...

Thank You, Yvonne! I hope your weekend is wonderful, too. Keep writing the beautiful poetry. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

A. Grace said...

Wow -- what a gorgeous quilt. I cannot wait to see it in person. :) TN said...

The quilt is lovely. A lot of work as gone into it. The recipent is very lucky!