Monday, November 29, 2010

Visit to the Doctor

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I went to the doctor today to see what he would have to say about my ankles swelling. We went over my blood work that was done last Monday and also discussed my health in general. He told me that my condition has improved since July, according to a comparison of July's bloodwork, and also that it had improved since the bloodwork that was done a month ago.

My liver enzymes have improved greatly since July, and also he said that my heart shows no evidence of congestion. My lungs are clear, and in general I am doing well. I told him about a former doctor telling me and my daughters that I was a "walking time bomb" and he was aghast that a doctor would say such a thing to a patient. He said, "In the first place a doctor should never tell a patient such a thing and in the second place, it is not true about you."

I had not seen the doctor before that I saw today, he is part of the group that my family doctor belongs to. I really liked him, but I probably won't see him again unless I need an appointment on a Monday, because that is the day he is in the office there at the Senior Health Care clinic.

He also told me that apparently I don't need potassium because two of my medications cause my potassium levels to rise. Anyway, I came away feeling a lot better. He said I have some edema in my legs but not much, and if I wanted to take an extra lasix occasionally (as my cardiologist suggested in Knoxville) that would be okay. There was not as much today as there was last Tuesday when I was so concerned. (ARE you tired of hearing about my doctor's visit? ha ha).

When I got home, I got out the half a Cornish game hen that I cooked yesterday, I boiled an egg, and chopped it all up together, added some walnuts, a few green grapes, some ranch dressing, and had a really great chicken salad for lunch. YUM! Doesn't that make you hungry?

Today is the birthday of grandson, Matthew, Carol's youngest son. Happy Birthday, Matt. You can see his picture on the blog posting from Friday. :)

That is about it for today. I am feeling much better emotionally than I did on Sunday, thank you all so very much for all the support. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cogitatin' On Events

Hey, Y'all,
If anyone had predicted a year ago where I would be now and what has happened during this past year, I would have found it difficult to believe. A year ago, I was just recovering from gall bladder surgery gone bad and then repaired. I was recovering nicely and thought that life was on an even keel. Since that time, my husband fell and broke a hip, wound up in the nursing home. Then we made a move to Texas, left a lot of life-time friends, bought a new home and were getting ready to settle down here. Within three weeks, my Dubby was gone and we laid him to rest back in Tennessee. I changed my doctors, am getting used to driving to new places, and trying to adjust to life without him. Also, my sweet youngest daughter has been diagnosed with cancer and is struggling with that awful disease, and of course, we struggle with her, wishing we could help more.

Even though I have had a lot of assistance, and love of my family here, there are days that I just miss my sweetie so very much. People say, "Oh you have been through a lot, haven't you?" but the truth is, we each do what we have to do.

Sometimes I see or hear something that I think, "Wait till I tell Dubby about this, he will think it is so funny and have a witty remark to make about it" and then remember that he is no longer around to tell it to. Quite often I wake up in the middle of the night and think he is there. Of course, he isn't, and it takes me a second or two to realize I am alone in the house.

I know that I am not going through anything different than what a lot of other people have, but the fact that it is happening to me brings it home with me. Now that I've done a lot of whining....let me tell you that I am so glad that I have the Lord in my life and that He is here to help me in my time of need. He was and is with me in all the days of my trouble but also in the days of my joy. He is my present help in all times. I thank Him and praise Him for his goodness to me. I know that He is using my pain for His gain. I also know that He is helping Tom and Teresa through their trials, as well as the rest of my family. Thank you, Lord.

And, I am adjusting. I love the house and am happy to be making a lot of friends. The neighborhood I live in is quiet and pleasant, and the neighbors are great. I am finding my way around and I'm making new memories. My family is wonderful and so very loving. Carol doesn't let me feel lonely, but keeps in close touch as well as the grandchildren.

Well, when I began this I was feeling lower than a snake's belly, but am now feeling so much better. Thanks for listening, er, reading. I guess it is just the time of the year. Dubby's birthday was in October, our anniversary was in November, and then there was the holiday of Thanksgiving. We always celebrated birthdays and anniversaries with family in Tennessee. There was an episode of Raymond the other day where Robert advised Raymond to hold Debra's hand to help his marriage, and make her know that Raymond really cared for her. I thought, "Dubby and I still held hands sometimes, even after he was in the nursing home." Of course, we held hands sometimes, too, when I was helping him walk somewhere. It was a wonderful feeling of closeness.

Well, it is time to take my shower and get ready to leave for church. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. I put a Cornish game hen in the crock pot for a lunch for one. I will sit at the table, reading my book, and eating my lunch. I hope they get Farmville fixed for us poor gamesters. Ha ha. It is on the fritz and I can't harvest my crops. I look forward to spending some time this morning with friends at Sunday School and church.

Bye for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Have a great day today.

Friday, November 26, 2010

# 601 - Thanksgiving Day - What I Did

Hey, Y'all,
Well, yesterday was a good day for me, how about you? Yesterday morning, I was up early, did some farming on my Farmville game, had a good breakfast and just kind of dallied around most of the day. Around noon, I had my shower and got ready to be picked up by my grandson, Matthew and wife, Amy, around 3:30 and we journeyed on out to her mom, Jan's and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with Jan; Patrick (her husband); his son, Jared; Lindsay, (Amy's sister) and her husband, Scott; Lindsay's and Scott's two children, (Maren and Addelyn). Oh yes, they have a dog named Annabelle. So we all had a really fun time.

One of the things we did was to each do our part of a Christmas Video that Jan is making. I look forward to seeing the finished product at Christmas time. Another thing, Jan and Patrick apparently have a custom of awarding a door prize each time they have a celebratory gathering at their home, and if someone is there for the first time they automatically get the door prize. Otherwise, everyone's name is put in and a winner is drawn. (At least that is what they told me when Jan awarded me the door prize, which was a beautiful holiday candle). I got to wear a Santa Hat, too. Yeah!

We had a scrumptious meal and filled out little bellies till they were a bit rounder than before we began. Ha ha. We sat around the supper table and told of things we are grateful for and also related a remembered Thanksgiving. Lots of good memories and grateful hearts for a lot of good things we have in our lives.

Here are some pictures.
1. Scott and Jan preparing some of the meal
2. A Turkey holding a turkey. Ha ha.
3. Amy and niece Maren
4. Jared
5. Matthew
6. Lindsay, Addelyn, and Jan
7. Jan (Holding granddaughter Addelyn), Me holding my candle door prize, Lindsay
8. Jared, Dad Patrick, (carving turkey) and Matthew
9. Table before spread
10. Addelyn (read that shirt, folks)"Everyone is thankful for me" Ain't that sweet?
11. Mommy Lindsay with Addelyn and Maren
12. Left to right: Scott, Jared, Lindsay, Patrick
13. Left to right: Jan, Amy, and Matthew
14. Maren giving Addelyn her bottle. (Supine figure is Grandma Jan)

Well, folks, that is about it for now. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my dear friends and family. More later. Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Windy and Cloudy

Hey, Y'all,
This is one of those days that you know the weather is going to change soon, even though the weather man has already said it, you would know it without his input. Say, do you realize what a new word input is? At least the meaning is. It used to be used in flow charts in education before the use of computers, and since the wide use of computers has come into being, we use the word without even thinking. Hmmm (Just a little side note there).

Anyway, the wind is kicking up a rusty outside around the corners of the house and reminding us that autumn is really here and heading into winter, with winter being only 4 weeks away. It is supposed to turn cold tonight and colder tomorrow, just in time for Thanksgiving holiday. Are you and your family going to be eating the big bird tomorrow? I am going to be eating with Amy and Matthew and her family tomorrow afternoon. I don't know whether it will be turkey or what, but I'm sure it will be delicioso.

This morning my family doctor's office called me and the nurse, Phyllis, gave me the bloodwork report and told me that they are no longer worried about my having hepatitis (I wasn't worried about it because I knew I didn't have it) and that I don't have a kidney infection (I knew that too, ha). I told her I was concerned about my ankles swelling, and should I begin taking the potassium capsules that I had been on for a year and a half. She said, "No, don't take them". She made an appointment for me to come and see the doctor on Monday morning, and told me to put my feet up three times a day, and to be sure they were higher than my heart. Also, I am to do it for an hour at a time. Well, I have already done that for this morning. I lay down on my bed and put my feet up on one of those bed rests that you use to sit up in bed if you are sick. It worked really well, so I guess I will continue to do that the number of times she said. I have no trouble resting. Ha ha ha.

I cooked the dried apricots this morning and will be making the little round fried pies, only baking them instead of frying them. They will be just as tasty and a lot healthier that way. I use my largest biscuit cutter to cut the circles of dough, and it makes a perfect size little pie. The apricots are now mashed up with cinnamon, cloves and sugar added and cooling in the fridge for making later today or in the morning. I will be taking them with me tomorrow afternoon when Matt and Amy pick me up to go to her Mama's home.

Well, that is about it for right now. I pray Teresa is not having a rough time with her new chemo infusion. I love you, Babe and I'm praying for you along with a lot of other people.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wrapping Gifts

Hey, Y'all,
I decided yesterday that it was time to wrap gifts for Christmas, and had waited until last evening to do the wrapping, too. I am not a fast wrapper, and not a particularly good one, but I think it is what inside that counts, don't you? Anyway, I got out the paper, scissors, tape, ribbons, bows (ready made,, of course) and the gifts. The gifts had been kind of scattered over the house in various places, and so I gathered then as well. I brought it all into the computer/work room and got busy cutting, wrapping, tying, etc. In the meantime, I was watching an old movie on tevee, called "Roxanne" with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah. A wonderfully funny movie is always entertaining and good to watch before going to bed.

I picked up a copy of results from my bloodwork yesterday that was done last week, but I am going to be going over it with my doctor when I see her on December the 7th, especially since i had the bloodwork repeated yesterday. Quite honestly, I think they have sucked enough of my blood to make some kind of diagnosis, don't you? I called this afternoon to make an appointment to see her, and didn't realize until I talked to them that I already had an appointment for the seventh.

There are some dried apricots soaking in water in a pan in my kitchen, which I will be cooking in the morning, and making some small fried pies for Thursday. At least that is in my plans right now.

The weather here is really strange this week. Today the temperature outside is in the upper 70's and balmy, which makes it really necessary to have the house ceiling fans on. One more day of weather like that, and then it turns cold again. This is good weather for giving people colds and the flu. Teresa tells me it has been rainy there in Alabama where she lives. She begins her infusions of AC chemo tomorrow. She has had 12 weeks of the taxotere (sp?) chemo. The way I understand it, the AC is a combination of two chemicals which are much harder on the body than the other was. I trust each of you who is praying for her will be continuing to do so. She thanks you and I do, as well.

Also, my good friend, Clara Melvin, lost her husband early this morning. She lives in upper east Tennessee and I met her through our blogs. Her husband, Bill, went to be with the Lord just past midnight. Please remember her and their family in your prayers. Bill has been homebound for sixteen years, and Clara has cared for him faithfully during all that time. Our best wishes and caring are winging your way, dear friend. Clara came to visit me in the last month before I moved to Texas. It was a sweet time to actually get to meet her in person and spend some time with her.

Well, that is about it for right now. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. More later. Bye for now.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping (Almost Finished)

Hey, Y'all,
Yes, that time of year is here when we go out to try and find Old Santy Clause, and I think I found him a few days ago. He said that he thought people are rushing the season a little bit, because everywhere you go the stores are already playing Christmas music and Thanksgiving is not even here yet. I told him that he must be behind the times, because they have been doing that for years. Ha.

A couple of days ago, I went to some stores on Glade Road in Colleyville, and also I've been to Walmart a few times. Want to know how you are in a Walmart? First of all, there are at least three or four babies yelling their lungs out, and people are pushing their buggies around loaded with all kinds of stuff. The temperament of said shoppers is not always great either. I try to smile at everyone I see, and quite often get a look from them that says, "What are you smiling about, anyway?" ha ha. Sometimes, I laugh out load, and make them really wonder. ha ha ha

This is the time of year that parking places come at a premium, too. So far, I haven't had any problems finding a place, because I can park far enough out in the North 40 that there are still spaces, and I don't mind walking. I have already seen cars waiting behind others waiting for them to finish backing out, so that the waiting driver can pull into the place.

I went out this morning about 10 a.m. to try to finish most of my shopping, and went to Walmart. Even so, I had to park some distance away from the door and I did see drivers waiting for others to finish backing out. I had only been in the store a couple of minutes, when I noticed that there were a whole lot of buggies being pushed around. By the time I left (about an hour later), the shoppers were lined up at just about all the check outs, and the joint was jumpin'. I reckon maybe it will be that way from now till customers return gifts after Christmas. Ha ha ha

I bought myself an electric blanket to use on my bed at night, since I am keeping the heat setting fairly low to sleep comfortably at night. I love having a cold nose, and a warm body (kind of like a puppy?) and have always enjoyed sleeping in a cool room.
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I have a whole bunch to wrap and probably should do that some time today, and then I will be mostly ready for Old Santy Clause when he comes down my chimney. I actually have a chimney now for him to fall down through. I also have a kitchen to clean and will probably get that done before I go to bed tonight. Ha.

Right now, I need to go have some lunch and then we'll see what I want to do next. Hope you are all having a great weekend, and have a good service at your church tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you. Bye for now. More later.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Results

Hey, Y'all,
Well, a week ago, I had to go back in and do a followup blood work test for the potassium level. They called me and told me that it had come down about a point, because I had stopped taking it for three days. This only because I called them on last Friday and they told me they would send me a copy of the bloodwork by mail, and they couldn't tell me over the phone more than the bit about the potassium. This was because the doctor had to look at it and determine the meaning of the results.

Okay, so today the office calls me and says I need to come back in next Monday and have more bloodwork done for the potassium (to see how much farther it has dropped or even if it has). She also said my cholesterol is 271. Well, duh! That was no surprise because I have been off my choleseterol medication for about five months or so because of my liver abcesses that I had following the gall bladder surgery gone bad a little over a year ago. She did tell me too that my liver enzymes are still high. (no surprise there either.ha) They also want to check my kidney function as well. So that is where things stand right now. I guess I will know more in a couple of weeks. She did say also that my thyroid blood testing is normal, so I won't worry about the small cysts that the cardiologist said showed up on my carotid scan. "IF it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Well, I think I will get out of my housecoat, take a shower, and go see what I can find in the matter of Christmas shopping. Nothing like getting out amongst 'em, (as Dubby used to say) and seeing what the people 'out there' are doing. :) I have a list to begin with, and places to go to look for some of them.

We had rain (storms in fact) last night, and it was wonderful to wake up and hear it, and so cozy to snuggle down in my covers and go back to sleep. I did get up around 5 a.m. to carry the trash out for pickup after 7 a.m. I just stayed up and sat down at my computer to catch up on what ever had happened overnight, and about 8 a.m. I made my breakfast and turned on the radio to listen to some country music while I ate. I looked out the bay windows and saw leaves all over the yard where the rain had removed them from the trees, but didn't see the cats out there. There are a couple of loose boards in the back privacy fence that the cat goes through. I am going to get some boards and renail them, to finally close it up, or find someone who will do it for me.

Well, that is about it for today. I won't get out if I don't get off my little round duff. Ha. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back Yard Observations

Hey, Y'all,
Well, it sometimes is kind of difficult to think of a title for a posting, but I saw something out back while ago that I thought was interesting. I saw a cat that has been in the yard several times before. It is a tabby cat, and quite beautiful, but this time there were two black and white kittens with her. They are breathtakingly beautiful, and when the mama looked up, the kittens disappeared in a flash. I think they went under the low deck in the yard.

A little while later, I saw the kittens in almost the same place as before, but the mama was not with them. She may have been looking for food (she won't be finding any on my back deck). They all looked pretty healthy so I know they don't need me feeding them. The kittens are black almost all over, except for some white on the face, and white around the necks and front (all that I could see with them lying on the ground, partly sitting up.)

Carol remarked the other day that the leaves are turning beautifully, and that, although they don't compare with leaves back in Eastern Tennessee and surrounding area, it is about all we are going to get here. I noticed while driving to church yesterday that, yes, they do look reasonably pretty the way they are changing, but we don't have the brilliant reds here in the leaves. That is okay.

Carol and Daryl had invited me to travel with them to Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with their son, Daniel, and wife, Whitney and the four grandchildren. I considered it quite seriously, and after much thought and deliberation, decided it would be more stress than I wanted, so have declined the offer. I just don't feel up to it. I will miss the time with my grandchildren, Dan and Whit, and the great grands, but look forward to seeing them when they can come down this way. Sorry to disappoint, kids. I know Carol worries about my being alone, but I am a big girl and if I were in Tennessee, I would probably be spending Thanksgiving alone, anyway. Everyone else there has family that they spend that day with, as it should be.

Dub and I used to go out for Thanksgiving dinner to Shoney's or somewhere else, because I quit cooking a big meal for just the two of us. Last Thanksgiving,though, we had dinner with our neighbors, the Benjamins. That was really fun. She and I both cooked, and I was still recovering from my gall bladder surgery gone bad. In fact, I am still somewhat in recovery from that.

Well, that is about it for today. I am still in my gown and housecoat, and had been listening to the wind blowing outside and causing the wind chimes to make their tinkling sounds. How very pleasant that is! I had some soup for a late lunch that Carol had made yesterday. When I went to their home for lunch yesterday, she had a big pot of tomato basil soup. and it is so delicious. She gave me the recipe for it and I will be making it sometime this fall and winter, I am sure. I'm sure it can be frozen. She gave me enough of it for my lunch today. Yum!

Ben and Emily (newly weds - Carol and Daryl's daughter), came over yesterday and had a late lunch with us and we played some dominoes until it was time for departure for home. It is always fun to spend time with young people (and older people too, ha).

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Evening of Fun

Hey, Y'all,
Over the last couple of days I've been busy filing business papers that have collected over the past four months since my husband's passing on. I guess you know how bills and letters come into the house and you take care of the payment of them, but just kind of put the receipts and other correspondence in a folder for later filing. Well, that is what I had been doing and realized the other day that the time had come to file them all.

I got that taken care of finally (all of it) yesterday and today, at Wal-mart I got a couple of file boxes to put the ones into that I need to weed out and put into a separate place called storage in the garage. Ha. I know that there are some really old ones that need to be shredded. I would hate to pass on and leave a lot of papers that the girls had to make decisions about.

Anyway, to get on to what my blog title is about - yesterday evening, Carol and Daryl came by the house for me, and we all went to spend the evening with some friends of theirs (and now my friends as well). Mike and Brenda, with three children: Rachael, Matthew and Daniel, welcomed us into their home and we were soon chatting and visiting. We sat down to a delicious meal prepared by Brenda. Yum! We had some very tender roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, a fluffy concoction of apples and other things combined, along with some gigantic parker house rolls that were so yummy I could have eaten them all evening, but restrained myself. Carol brought some of her chocolate eclair dessert, which was followed by a couple of games as we sat around the table.It would be impossible to tell you exactly how much we enjoyed the whole evening. Nine o'clock came too quickly and we had to leave. I look forward to seeing them tomorrow in Sunday school class. We did a lot of laughing, and those of you who know me personally know how much I love to laugh. I wound up the evening just as we were leaving, telling them about what happened in a class I was taking as a student at Carson Newman, back in the early 1960's.

I was in a speech class and we had to each tell a joke. Well, one of my friends told me, "Ruby, I'm afraid no one will laugh when I tell my joke, so I want you to be sure and laugh when I tell it." So she told me the joke and I promised I would laugh when she told it. When she started telling the joke, I was listening along with every one else (I had forgotten the joke) and then when she was almost through, all at once I remembered the punch line, and started chuckling, not loud, but because the room was quiet while she was telling the story, a few around me heard me, and the first thing I knew, she was laughing and the class was as well. When I laugh, I shake with laughter, and it just took over. She thanked me later because the whole class was laughing by the time it was over. I don't remember if she got it finished or not, but there was plenty of laughter. So she got her wish.

Yesterday afternoon, I grew weary of waiting to hear from the doctor's office about my blood work report, so I finally called the office. Well, the nurse told me that the doctor has to look at the report before she could tell me what it said. Duh! I guess that she could want me to come in to see her (the doctor, that is), but it seems like the least the nurse could do was to tell me about what was on the report. Anyway, she did tell me that my potassium numbers are better after my cessation of taking the potassium capsules.

I reckon I'm doing okay, since I'm feeling all right. My sleep is going okay, too. I am actually beginning to look forward to bedtime. The weather is beginning to head toward winter, I think perhaps autumn here in Texas doesn't last very long, and just slides into winter. I am trying to get my heat system here adjusted to my liking.

Today is the birthday of my sister-in-law (more like a real sister to me), Mae,who is 91 years young today. She is a beautiful lady, both in heart and appearance. I have known her ever since I was four years old and she married my oldest brother, Bill. So basically I have known her all my remembered life. She is a big sister to me, and has been a confidante to me for a long time. I love her dearly, and miss her. Happy Birthday, Mae!

Well, that is about it for today. Rest tonight, Sunday school and church tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. More later. Bye for now.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Addendum to Today's Post

Hey, Y'all,
My apologies to my daughter, son-in-law, grandson...I really goofed, didn't I? Teresa, her husband, Tom; and her son, BJ are all military persons. Teresa and Tom, along with BJ's dad, Bill, served in the U.S. Air Force, and BJ is presently serving in the Air Force, carrying on the tradition. I really was living in the past (my long past) when I was writing today's post and thinking about my siblings. Of course, I did thank all those who have served in the military (all those men and women) and protected our country). Sorry, you all. Old minds can sometimes overlook very important stuff, can't they? Love to all of you, this Old Blabbin' Grammy. :)

Early Morning Stuff

Hey, Y'all,
Well, for lack of a better title, I used the one above. It doesn't necessarily mean that is all I am going to talk about (as most of you, my faithful readers, know). My blog is not called Blabbin' Grammy facetiously, I tell it all (as much as I can, that is).

Speaking of early morning, quite often I am awake at 4 a.m. and choose not to lie there any longer. If I can get in 5 or 6 hours a night of sleep, then I am doing well. The sleeping has been going better lately, since I quit taking the Benedryl to make me sleep. (Does that make sense?) Anyhow, the sleep that I get is more natural, I reckon.

Usually, when I first arise in the morning, I have to go check my emails and then see what the world is up to (usually no good, ha) and then I have to harvest my crops that have matured to ripeness overnight, check my "confirm requests" box, and get the goodies that other "farmers" have sent to me. I also have to go help other farmers with their needs, then it is time to think about breakfast.

Yesterday, I awakened with the realization it would have been mine and Dubby's 34th anniversary of our wedding day. I was so thankful for the years that we had together as I thought about him. I know he is celebrating right now with our Lord, and he is in a much better place than I. He is celebrating life for sure.

You could say I celebrated by having lunch with some of the ladies in my Bible Study class. Yesterday, several of us (those who could go) went to a restaurant called "Central Street Market" and it was very good. One of the other ladies, named Mary, let me ride with her and her 3 small children. It was such fun, going and spending time with the ladies in an outdoor setting with the kids running around and playing on slides and in a playground that is fenced in at the restaurant. The restaurant has a lot of outdoor and indoor tables for customers to sit and the weather was perfect, sunshine and 76 degrees with just enough breeze to make it really pleasant.

Today is Veteran's Day and I'd like to mention that I had four brothers, all of whom served in the Army, two of them (Bill and Ralph) in World War II and fought in the Pacific Theater of Operations in the Philippine's and Okinawa, Hugh, who was stationed in Germany during the Korean War, and John was in during peace time, but served as well. I am so proud of them, and have always been. I remember when the Second World War began in 1941 (for the U.S.) and remember what it was like sending the V-mail letters and seeing my mom and dad worry about my brothers. It was a time of stress for everyone. Thank you to all those wonderful men and women who have served so well and so selflessly during the many years to make our country safe and strong. I salute you!

Well, that is about it for right now. Today, I plan on getting some stuff done around here. I have papers to file that are taking up space on top of my printer, and they stare me in the face every time I look over that way. (I try not to look over that way. ha ha ha). Maybe after breakfast, I will file them. I am one of the world's worst procrastinators, unfortunately. The filing really does help keep things in order, though. They came in handy yesterday when I was canceling a policy that I was no longer in need of. The guy I was talking to asked for the certificate number, and there the papers were in a folder right where they were supposed to be. It only took me less than a minute to find them. Thank you, Teresa, for getting me started on filing my important papers so many years ago. I appreciate you! (well, for more than that, but that is one of the things) :)

Oh yes, a friend sent me a video that is so beautiful, and I wanted to share the link with you. I am not advertising the website, per se, but I did want to let as many of you as would like to, see it. Here it is, and when you link to it, turn up the sound on your computer so you can hear it as well.

I hope I did that right Anyway, if it doesn't link, just copy and paste it into your browser and it will go. It is such an inspirational video, you will just love it.

Well, that is about it for today. Not a lot more to write about right now. I did get my laundry mostly finished, just towels and wash cloths to do today, and all of it to put away which won't take long. I may even go back and take a nap later today. The Y is closed today, so I won't be going there today. I may go to the grocery store around the corner and down the street. My fridge is beginning to look like no one lives here, ha ha.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Thanks for looking in on me. Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Walkin' a Bit

Hey, Y'all,
Well, this morning I went online and purchased a couple of tickets to a live production of "Annie" for me to take my friend, Dot, to see and enjoy. Dot is coming to visit next month about this time and we are both looking forward to the visit! For sure! Then, after breakfast, and farming a little, I cleaned the kitchen and decided it would be a good time to try out the Y a little more. I got myself ready and hied myself around the corner and down the street to the Y. I went in and the young lady at the desk showed me around some of the machines and I tried them out.

I had already decided that I wanted to do mostly the treadmill today, so after we had made the rounds and I had tried out the machines, I got on the treadmill and set it for 2.0 miles per hour and walked for 20 minutes. That was enough for today, and I will be going back on Thursday, not tomorrow, since they will be closing at 10 a.m. on tomorrow for Veteran's Day. When I tried out some of the machines while ago, I discovered some muscles that were sore from the yoga workout I did yesterday, so I decided to wait a few days before doing anything but the treadmill.

I have been invited to have supper with Carol this evening. I always look forward to spending time with family. My laundry is in the washing machine, and when I get that dried, I will put it away and that will be finished for another week.

There was no call yesterday from the doctor's office after I gave them the additional blood sample, so I guess I don't need to be taking the potassium that I was taking.

Not much else to talk about today, so this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. I am going to go have some cereal for lunch and get my fiber in for today. That is about it for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Catchin' Up

Hey, Y'all,
I last posted on Friday and here it is Monday again! The days are flying by, and here I sit, but I have been out and about today. Motto: don't let the grass grow under your feet, put on some skates and boogie around. Ha ha.

I had to go out to the family doctor's this morning and let them get another vial of blood to retest my potassium. I would just as soon not have to take that stinky stuff, anyway. That would be one less med I would have to take. Oh, yeah, by the way, the cardiologists last words to me the other day were " Go out and have fun, and live your life and don't worry about stuff and I'll see you in six months." Wonder what he meant by that? Did he mean that it doesn't matter what I do, or that I have nothing to worry about since my tests show that nothing has changed a great deal in the last six months (he did tell me that, you know when we were discussing possible changes in my test results from six months ago). He told me that my former cardiologist had taken very good care of me.

On Saturday, I went to Carol's and we had hamburgers and watched the movie, "Nanny McPhee". I had seen it before but enjoyed it tremendously again. I am thinking about renting the second one to watch, even if I watch it alone. I also had supper with them on Friday evening with Matt, Amy, Julia, and her two babies. They are just absolutely adorable! It is fun to watch them. They are growing so very fast.

Today, when I got back from the doctor's office (drove to and from the office like a pro, with no problems getting in correct lane or anything - which those of you who are concerned will be glad to know :) ), I stopped at the YMCA which is just around the corner and down the street, and got a three day pass to try it out. I went into a yoga class (just stretching, no meditation) and rather enjoyed it, but I am mostly interested in doing the machines - treadmill, etc. which I discovered are not widely used from noon to four, so that is probably what I will be most interested in doing. I will probably feel some sore muscles tomorrow or the next day from the yoga stretches I did this morning. Ouch!

Well, it is noon time and my stomach says it is actually one p.m. (it is still on daylight savings time - ha ha), so I am going to stop for now and have some kind of lunch. I have some left over beef roast from last week which I think is still good, and also I have some shredded lettuce and tomatoes for a salad. long as I can find something to fill the empty space. Ha.

Oh, yeah, some exciting news! One of my good friends from college days is coming to visit me for a week in December.Yay! She lives in Tennessee and we are going to have fun talking and going places and doing stuff. It will be about a month from now.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.

Friday, November 5, 2010

And The Doctor Said....

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I went this morning to have bloodwork done, and those results will not be reported to me for about a week, but this afternoon I went to see my cardiologist to hear what he had to say. When I was having my blood drawn, the nurse that was called in to do the drawing of it from the back of my hand (supposedly an expert at it), had to stick both hands to get a good blood flow. When she came in, she was an older nurse (probably in her mid or late sixties), I saw those glasses about half way down her nose, and her looking over the top of them, I thought, "Uh-oh, this old lady can't see well". She proved me right, I believe, because when she had finished, she declared that she rarely had to do a second try. Hah!

After I left there, I headed to IHOP, for breakfast, since it was a fasting blood test. I always reward myself after the blood-letting agony, with going to have a good breakfast. I ordered two eggs over medium and some biscuits/gravy. No meat. I asked for the gravy in a small bowl on the side. Disappointment reigned. The eggs were medium cooked okay, but had not been turned and so the bottom white part was brown and tough. The gravy was over the biscuits and not to the side. I won't be going back there. I should have stopped at LePeep's.

This afternoon, it was time to go to the cardiologist's and get my report. All in all it was a good report, because my condition had not changed appreciably in the last year. I will be going back in six months for a check up on my pacemaker. The only thing he found was the fact that some cysts showed up in my thyroid gland when they did the carotid scan of my neck. He suggested I get it checked by my family doctor.

While ago, the family doctor's office called to tell me my potassium level is up some, and they want to check my blood again on Monday morning and to stop taking the potassium capsules that I am taking. They were checking the bloodwork even as we spoke. I told them about the cysts in my thyroid and we will probably talk about it on Monday, maybe. Anyway, the same little old nurse will be sucking my blood out on Monday. We'll see how it goes.

Just all kinds of good stuff, huh? Gives me something to do on Monday, too. Ha ha
I really know the way to the doctor's offices now, with no mistakes. Isn't that wonderful? I am beginning to feel familiar with the streets and roads around here and to be comfortable driving on them. I am so glad.

Well, that is about it for today. I reckon some of us are having hamburgers with Carol and Daryl this evening and maybe play some games. We are a game playing bunch of people.

I would like to ask you all to pray for my nieces, Donna and Terri. They have both had surgery over the past couple of weeks. They are recuperating, but Donna is waiting for results from stomach biopsies. She had a negative result from the breast biopsy that was done a while ago. Thank the Lord for that. Please continue to pray for Teresa, as she continues to have her chemo treatments and goes through the days following them. Thank you so very much. You can check on Teresa's progress through her blog, "Pickin' Up the Pieces" and the link can be found under my "Other Interesting Blog Sites".

A few days ago, I got a call from a dear long time friend of mine, whose husband passed away several years ago. She was on her way home from St. Louis, and was sporting a diamond engagement ring. I was (and am) so very happy for her. I won't say who it was until she gives me permission to tell you who she is. How exciting! Isn't it?

Well, now is time for me to stop Blabbin' for today. Much love to each of you, my friends/family. Bye for now. More later. (You can count on it. ha.).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running Around Some More

Hey, Y'all,
Day before yesterday, I decided I wanted a waffle maker, and went to Big Lots (a discount store- for those of you who are not familiar with them) on my way home from the doctor's office. After looking for awhile, I finally found a flip Belgian waffle maker. The waffle iron rests on a stand and you open it, pour the mixture in, flip it 180 degrees counter-clockwise, and when it is ready, the ready light on the back of it comes on, and you flip it back over, and open it.

You are supposed to have spray oil to spray on it, so the waffles won't stick (even though it is a non-stick surface), or a pastry brush to spread oil on it. Well, I didn't have the spray oil or the pastry brush, so I tried doing the oil with a paper towel. It didn't work this morning (I opened the box this morning and removed the waffle Iron). I decided I would go out this afternoon (after wasting my morning - kind of - I did do the sheets on my bed in the laundry, and emptied the dishwasher of the dishes we used last night when Carol, Daryl and Emily came to supper) and do some shopping.

I headed for the Glade Road shopping area near the freeway, but stayed off the freeway, of course. I stopped at the bank to cash a refund check (aren't they nice to get?) and went on to Target. I wanted to find some denim skirts, and what do you know? They told me that they didn't have any denim anything except for blue jeans. Can you believe it? I went on by the access road to Walmart, and they didn't have any denim stuff except for blue jeans either. HA! I did get some spray oil for the waffle maker though.

By the way, when I tried to do the waffles on the waffle maker this morning, what a mess! The stuff stuck to each part of the waffle iron and when I got it pried loose, it was a globby mess. Oh, well, better luck in the morning. If at know how that goes.

I did stop at Chick fil a at Glade Road before I headed out to Walmart, however, and had a spicy chicken sandwich and wowee! You talk about hot spicy sandwiches, that was one. I had to have some water to follow the small chocolate shake I got to go with the sandwich. I love spicy foods, but they don't actually do my digestion any favors. Ha. I have paid for the sandwich this afternoon, but will probably have another when I have the chance. We fools never learn, do we? It will be cereal for supper tonight.

You know, back home in East Tennessee, I was always seeing people I knew and stopping to talk and "how are you doing?' and catching up on life in their lane. Well, out here, I haven't had the opportunity of knowing the people in this area (there are a lot more people living around here) but that doesn't stop me from talking to them. Ha. In fact, this afternoon, I stopped in the aisle to get the spray oil and spoke to a lady who was deliberating over whether to get a large can of solid Crisco. We got to talking about things and she told me that her husband had died when she was thirty years old. I had told her that I use Olive oil and that it lasted me a long time. We must have stood there talking for about fifteen minutes and when we parted we wished each other well and God Bless.

Now, will I know her the next time I see her? Probably won't remember her, but we passed a few pleasant minutes and reaffirmed our faith in God's taking care of us through the years There is always something pleasant that can happen if we are ready to let it happen, isn't there?

Last evening I had Carol and Daryl and granddaughter, Emily, come to supper here. I had cooked a beef roast in the crock pot, boiled some irish potatoes, fried some okra, fixed some broccoli and made some cornbread. It was really good and it was really great to have them here for supper. Now I have some leftovers for a meal tomorrow.

Folks, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends. Bye for now. More later.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Memorial Service

Hey, Y'all,
Last week I received a letter from Bishop Davies Nursing Home informing me that they were holding a memorial service to honor those residents who had passed on during the last twelve months, and inviting me to come and attend it, along with anyone else who was interested in doing so. So, I went, not knowing exactly what to expect.

When I arrived, several people were gathered in wheelchairs in the parlor not far from the front entrance to the nursing home, so I found it easily. There were several empty chairs placed in front of those people in wheelchairs, and placed in a semicircle. Part of the assemblage flowed into the room behind the parlor, and I am sure that most of those in the wheelchairs were residents.

Promptly at ten-thirty a.m., a lady began playing the organ which was in the front part of the parlor, and there were three priests (at least I think they were all of the Catholic persuasion, because they all had black outfits on with the collar turned backwards. First was a Father MacIntrye who gave the most of the program. He led us in some songs, and then read a prepared speech (which he kind of got mixed up in reading, because he had two of the same pages printed off, but that was okay). Then the three of them took turns reading the names of the dearly departed, and of course, Dub's last name beginning with a Y, came last, but that was what I expected, you know. It was quite a lovely service, and we ended with the Lord's Prayer recited together and with singing "a rousing cheerful that we used to sing, marching to the seminary, I mean cemetery" (his words). The song he meant was "Marching to Zion" and we sang it well.

There is something so sweet and touching about looking around a room filled with seniors who mostly don't have long left on this earth, and seeing and hearing them sing to the Lord, and knowing that many of them know the Lord. There is also the knowledge that some of them probably don't know the Lord, and until they make that important decision to place their trust in Him through acknowledgment of their sins and need of Him, they have no hope of entering Heaven. It would have been nice to have heard the Priest speak of that instead of him saying that all of them could look forward to peace on the other side. He really missed his chance there.

After I left, I thought, "the least they could have done was to have refreshments for that kind of gathering". If it had been a Southern Baptist gathering, I'll bet there would have at least been coffee and cookies! I did stop at Chic-fil-a and had half a wrap along with half a chocolate milk shake for my lunch.

Well, after a while, I need to get into my little red car and head to the Cardiology place and get my last test done. Yahooo! It is supposed to be relatively easy.

Tomorrow is my appointment with a new family doctor. I still have some paperwork to finish filling out for that one. I began it yesterday and decided I would finish it this afternoon. Speaking of filling out paperwork, I got a Community Survey from the census bureau wanting me to answer a LOT of questions, so I got it filled out this morning, but still haven't dropped it into the mail.

Did you ever scrape your shin on a piece of brick? It really hurts, let me tell you. My fireplace in the living room has one of these raised areas surrounding it that is composed of bricks, and as I was walking past it last week, my leg got a little close to it, and ouch! it scraped it nicely (or I should say, badly). Anyway, it is taking it a while to heal up. But I think it is going to be okay. I didn't put anything on it for at least 24 hours and I probably should have, you know? It is not hurting or anything and is looking fairly smooth now.

Well, it is about time for me to make a last minute pit stop and brush through my hair one more time so I will look presentable. Speaking of appearance, yesterday I wore a denim dress and a denim shirt and my little purple cap that is in my picture here with Gramps, and I had on my purple checked tennies. I stopped at LePeep for a salad lunch after church, and I got the senior size serving which costs less. Well, when I went up to the counter to pay for it, I thought it wouldn't be over $5.50, so I had that amount out to pay for it. The girl said, "that will be 6.49". So, I began to dig in my change and pulled out pennies and dimes, and when I had pulled out about 75 cents or so, she said, "that's okay, I've got the rest of it." I tried to give the pennies and dimes and nickels to her, and she said, "you keep that, I've got it." So, I just said, "thank you" and left. I think maybe I just looked poor to her, and she had a kind heart. Who knows what she was thinking? I certainly don't. But I appreciate her kindness.

It was a little embarrassing for me, but that is not the first time something like that has happened to me, and may not be the last, who knows?

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you. More later. bye for now. Gotta go not get lost. Ha ha.