Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hugh David

Hey, Y'all,

I had to wait until I had somewhat decided what I wanted to write before I sat down to do so. There is so very much to say, and my heart is so full of Thanksgiving for what wonderful families we have. We have so many kinds of families, don't we?

First, we have the family that we were born into. Mother, father, brothers, sisters, are all in that family. Then as we become adults, there are the family units that we compose for ourselves. Husband, or wife, children, grandchildren are in this unit. Then there is the larger family that contains aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws. There is beyond that the friends that we make during life, that contains best friends that we may keep until one of us passes on. Then there is the church family that may contain some or all of the ones mentioned already.

We meet people during our lives that come to mean so very much to us. They will sometimes be in various family groups that I mentioned. As I described each of these family groups, I envisioned people that I love that fit into each group.

During the past thirteen months, three of the people that I love dearly have gone on to be with the Lord. As each have passed on, I imagined them being greeted by family that had gone on before them. I figure that right now, Margaret, John, Hugh, Bill, Ralph, Thelma (Ralph's wife), and our Mom and our Dad are all having a wonderful get together, and saying "Wow! Isn't it wonderful to all be together? Wonder when the others are going to be here?" I know they must be singing praises to our Heavenly Father.

I am here to celebrate the life of my brother, Hugh David, and to say how very much he meant to so many people. Hugh was a very kind individual, and to him, family was primary in his life. He loved his family, and he loved his Lord.

Hugh knew people and was always seeing someone that he knew, wherever he went. We would be out somewhere, eating supper, and he would spot someone that he knew. He would nod to them as they passed our table and say something like "How are you? It has been a long time since I saw you. How is your family? etc." Then when they had gone on by, he would say something like, "I went to school with him, or he used to come in to the store, or I remember him from when we had a store on Douglas Street".

Hugh would have loved to have had a little girl, but he loved his boys with all his heart, and was extremely proud of them. He loved Imazo and cherished her always. He was a family man, through and through.

When Hugh was just a boy, there was a summer when Mom had cut Bill and Ralph's hair very short, and Hugh decided he wanted his hair cut in a burr as well. So, after Mom had agreed and cut his hair short, he looked into a mirror and didn't like what he saw. His head was kind of knotty looking and he grabbed up his toboggan that he wore in the winter time, and would not be seen without it until his hair grew out. It didn't matter that it was really hot weather, he just didn't want people to see him that way.

Psychologists say that middle children have a harder time adjusting and finding their place in society. Hugh was a middle child, but I don't think he had that problem. He was outgoing, friendly, and never met a stranger.

Hugh served in the military during the late forties, and early fifties. He was the third male in our family to serve in the United States Army and was proud of it. He served in the ROTC in high school and was then in the army during the Korean Conflict. He served that time in Germany as part of the occupation forces, and learned a lot about life during that time. He quite often talked about things that he experienced while in Germany. He met Imazo when he came home on furlough, and they corresponded by mail. He came back and courted her, and won her heart and hand. And, as they say, "the rest is history".
Hugh spent a lot of time with Dad during his years before serving in the army. Dad related a lot of stories to Hugh, and unfortunately, a lot of those stories are gone, because they were a part of Hugh. He loved talking about the time he spent with Dad during the times that our family owned two different stores in a poor section of Knoxville. We owned one, then sold it and bought another one. Because my dad could not refuse credit to anyone, the stores were not successful. We never did collect the money that was owed to us.

Yes, as is so often the case, when a person passes on, there are many stories that go with them. Hugh is no exception. He had a lot of stories and loved telling them. He and I would often talk during the last years of his life about things that happened as we were growing up. Ideas and happenings shared were important to us, and one of those things that families do.
We will be laying him to rest on Monday, but he will live on in our hearts and memories. Hugh is loved and cherished by those who knew him. There is so very much more that I could relate and will probably do so in the months and years to come. But for now, I will just say goodbye to my brother, Hugh David, until we meet again. I love you, Hugh David.
Pictures: Top: Hugh, Imazo, David and Jeff circa 1963
second: Family picture of Hugh, Dad, Bill, Mom, Ralph, Margaret,
In front row: me (holding Carol) and John. circa 1953
third: Hugh and Imazo 1952
fourth: Hugh as a school boy in Possum Valley, circa 1938
fifth: Hugh and Dad on farm in New Market, circa 1967
sixth: Baby Hugh circa 1929
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. I'd like to thank my daughter, Carol for filling in for me on Thursday. Time for me to eat breakfast. There is much to do today and in the days ahead. God blesses each of us daily, doesn't he? Thank you all for all the prayers offered up on our behalf. Bye for now.


Mom B said...

What a nice tribute! I SO hate it that I won't be there. Thanks for understanding the blood pressure/respiratory infection thing. My heart will be there all weekend! Love you!

Do you have email addresses for Jeff and David? Thanks!

Sandi Van Winkle said...

Ruby- what a wonderful tribute. I have just sat down this morning to scan photos of the boys and their Papaw Hugh. He will always be remembered and cherished. I loved his stories and being out with them whenever we ran into people he knew. He was one of the best people I have ever known. Thank you for posting. I'm happy to have found your blog. My most heartfelt sympathies to everyone.

Paula said...

I Thessalonians 4:13-18 has always been a comfort to me. What a blessing that we do not have to sorrow as those who have no hope. You will see your dear one again. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Barbara said...

Hi Ruby, I was so glad to see the
pictures this morning,
You did a great job telling about
Hugh, I know he was loved by all
that knew him. By for now Barbara TN said...

Dear Grammy, May God's love fill the empty spot you feel in your heart.

Grammy said...

Dear Friends and family,
Thank you for all the well-wishes. My heart is filled to overflowing with thanksgiving for life and loved ones. I thank God for His love and watchcare over each of us.

azdarlene said...

You do such a nice tribute to Hugh and when John died. You are good about that. I am praying for all of you and will be thinking of you on Monday when you have services for Hugh.
When you have time please send me Jeff and Davids addresses or email.
We love you and glad to be part of the Campbell family.
Darlene and Mark

Judy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Hugh but know that he is in a better place. I loved reading your tribute and all the wonderful things you said about him. Enjoyed the part about the haircut and all the pictures. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love and hugs. Judy