Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, Did You Ever?

Hey, Y'all,
This could go under the heading: Stupid Things I Have Done....Yeah, just when I thought I had it all together...Yesterday afternoon about 5 p.m., Gramps decided he wanted to go out for supper. So we got ready, which meant I got his cane, his sunglasses, and his cap for him, picked up my purse and locked the back door, and out we went.

We had no sooner shut the back door than I realized I didn't have my keys in my hand,, that they were still hanging by the inside near the door. Too late, I realized it just after he closed the back door. What to do??? I realized Mark had a set of our keys (as the landlord), so I called him ( on my cell phone) and of course, he was in Sevierville, about 40 minutes away. He said he had to go by his house to get the keys, and it would be an hour before he could get here. We sat on the front porch and waited. About an hour and fifteen minutes later, down the hill came our neighbor, Laurie, and two of her children, Olivia and Gabe. She said Mark had called her and asked if she could help me open one of the windows and Gabe could call through to the inside since he is small. I mentally hit myself in the forehead and thought: "Why didn't I think of that?" If one of my daughters had been here they would have thought of it right away. Duh! I just wasn't thinking clearly.

After the window was opened and then the door, we decided to just go back in and we had scrambled eggs and toast for supper. Gramps said, "well, we saved some money that way, didn't we?" We probably saved my eating something I shouldn't have, too.

This morning I went to the dentist's office and had my teeth cleaned, then came home and Gramps was still in bed snoring away, so I had some salad with tuna on it, and then some fresh strawberries with cool whip for lunch. Then I left for my appointment with my family doctor. She told me I definitely need my gall bladder removed, and she had the technician, Michael, draw five or six vials of blood for testing. So I can say, "I gave at the office." Ha.

While in Jefferson City, I passed the city swimming pool and thought of Teresa. I saw they were getting the pool ready to open for the summer. They close it down each year at the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. The reason I thought of Teresa was that every summer I bought her a season's pass to the swimming pool for her birthday when she was a youth. She learned to swim at the pool and spent a lot of happy summers there with her friends, Joy and Connie.

Tonight we are having baked sweet potatoes, grilled tilapia, and spinach for supper.
Tomorrow I go to see the surgeon about my upcoming surgery. I plan on stopping by to visit with Mae and Imazo after I see him. We may go out to eat a late breakfast or early lunch. I talked with Imazo today and she was telling me about her wonderful week with David, Andrea and Steven, and about Darlene and Mark visiting with them too.

I am sleeping pretty good once again without pain in my belly and it is good. I am waking up without groaning when I move. I am so very thankful, but dread going through it again following the next surgery. Whine.....

The flowers on my porch are blooming beautifully and those in the flower bed are as well. The weather has been a little cool over the past couple of days (blackberry winter you know) but is warming up nicely again. Rain on the weekend again..

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Love to all of you. Bye for now.



It's a moment of panic when you realised you have left your keys indoors....it happened when I lived in Spain, luckily my son had a spare set. Hope all goes well with you gall bladder...not a pleasant situation to be in.

Thanks for stopping by, I know how you must feel having your children so far away, My middle child is in Spain and I haven't seen him since
Feb. last year but hoping to rectify that soon with a visit.

Both of you take care,


Clara....in TN said...

Oh Grammy, I hate you have to go through another surgery, but after it is over, I bet you will feel like a new woman. Will it be the lasar surgery or a "big" incision?