Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Struggling

Hey, Y'all,
Yes, I am still struggling with appetite, pain, and all the other stuff. I scrambled an egg this morning and had half of it, but couldn't "stomach" the rest of it.

Gramps was up early this morning. He couldn't sleep so he got up just after I used the bathroom (about 2:30 a.m.). He went into the living room to read the Bible. I had to get up and turn on the light for him. He was asking me if the lady had left yet. I t0ld him that I was the only lady in the house. He asked if I was the lady of the house and I said yes. I asked if he knew my name and he said, "I am afraid I'll say it wrong if I try to say it." I told him it was spelled R-U-B-Y. So then he knew who I was.

About 3 hours later, I heard him moving around and asked where he was and he said in the kitchen. He was eating breakfast. It wasn't too long before he was back in the bedroom, getting into bed. He was still confused, but finally went back to sleep.

Life never gets boring around here. ha. I got up about seven o'clock, hoping to feel better, but it was not a lot better. Haven't heard from the gall bladder test, but am not real hopeful.

Gramps got up again about 11:30 and went into the kitchen, and ate breakfast again. I don't know what I will give him for supper, maybe some soup. Something easy to fix.

Carol called me a few minutes ago and suggested I use a heating pad to relieve the pain in my sawdust. I will do that if I can find the microwaveable heating pad. Will let you know if it helps. She also suggested that I rock back and forth on my knees. I hope I can do that. After all, these legs and knees are over 3 quarters of a century old. ha. I am not even sure I could get down or get up, afterwards.

Well, I need to do something....I guess anything would be better than doing nothing, eh? This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the time being. Love to you all. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...

I hate to say this, Gwammmee, but no amount of heat or rocking will relieve the pain of an inflamed gall bladder.

I wish you'd head to the ER in Knoxville and have them check it out. You don't want the dang thing to burst and poison your abdominal cavity. Can you get someone to haul you there?

I am seriously concerned. Please keep us updated.
Love, a

azdarlene said...

Sorry to see you re still having trouble. Hopefully the drs can find out what is wrong. If not I would go back to emergency. I have heard gall bladders can cause alot of pain. Will be praying for you and the drs.
Love ya
Darlene and Mark TN said...

I hope you hear from the gall bladder test soon. I want you feeling better!