Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hey, Y'all,
There are all kinds of puzzles, and I like to work a lot of them. I especially love doing crossword puzzles, I like to read mysteries and try to solve them before the end of the book, and I really love doing jigsaw puzzles.

I learned about a lot of things while doing jigsaw puzzles. My mom was an inveterate jigsaw person. We spent a lot of long winter evenings working on them. We would spread it out on the dining room table on a drawing board so that it could be moved when we ate. I am sure I developed my love for doing jigsaw puzzles from my mom. The whole family would gather around and look for pieces to fit into the puzzle. One thing we learned to do was to work together and we would help one another look for a piece that fit in a particular place.

Another thing I learned was about how colors blended together to form a shape in the picture. I also learned that sometimes a piece would fit where you would never expect it to. Sometimes we realize that something comes into our livcs that we would never expect to fit into it, but find that it fits very well.

I learned that fun doesn't have to be a noisy happening, but can be very quiet and peaceful. We had some really peaceful times putting those jigsaw puzzles together. Some people would, I am sure, think that would be an awfully boring pastime, but it was not for us. We laughed, talked, and generally enjoyed those times together.

Sometimes we would work by ourselves looking for a piece to the puzzle. I learned that I can enjoy being by myself and do not have to have someone always with me. I can enjoy my own company and feel comfortable. I never expected to ever make quilts, which in my case is a solitary thing, but I can do so without any problem.

I learned the joy of completing a project. It was great fun to put in the last few pieces and then to appreciate the completed puzzle. It was not long before we were looking for another one to put together. Many times we would take it apart and on another long winter day, take it out to put together again.

I learned to love the challenge involved in solving a puzzle. I love to play jigsaw puzzles now on my computer. I'll admit, they are much easier on the computer, but still fun to do and to enjoy seeing the finished product. As you may guess, I have been playing games on my computer today, some of them jigsaw puzzles. It has been a very quiet day today, and Gramps has already gone to bed. I will follow in a few minutes.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. Bye for now. Love to you all. Have a good Sunday.


Tanya said...

Maybe I will someday enjoy being by myself.... :) we won't be out this week, Kevin is now sick with what Adam had so we are going to wait and come out in the end of may, maybe mom will actually be moved in by then anyway,lol We miss you

Judy said...

I enjoy time by myself, too. I am having one of those days today. I get a lot done and do some reading and play on the computer. I had my two year old grandson all day yesterday and I needed a quiet day today. lol.