Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Good Night's Sleep

Hey, Y'all,
A good night's sleep can never be over-rated. I actually slept last night without any pain. Thank you, Jesus, Amen! I am not yet sure how I feel today, but I am thankful for that good night. I began my night on the couch in the living room, and got up once to make a usual trip to the John, then awakened again at 5 a.m., and decided to try the bed. It is now a little past 7:30 and so I had a couple of more hours of sleep. I still feel a little nauseous (sp?) but other than that, pretty good.

My neighbor brought some really delicious soup and homemade biscuits for our supper last night. We really appreciated that. Gramps really smacked his lips over it, and did it more justice than I could.

Later today, I am going in for my eye doctor's appointment, and will probably wind up getting a new pair.

I talked to my friend, Judy, yesterday and she told me that her mom, my friend, Marion, was taken to the hospital and would be in there for a few days. She had been throwing up and was just literally 'sick as a dog'. They seem to think it could be her heart and are considering a pacemaker. I will let you know more as it develops. She is a charming lady and a good friend. I certainly hope and pray that she will soon be out and about again.

This afternoon, Mitch, Gabe and Olivia are going to be removing the flowers that are in my flower bed and replanting with the ones I bought yesterday. They will remove while their mom, Laurie, supervises and while I am at the eye doctor's. When I get back I will tell them where I want each flower placed and they will do that for me. Of course, I know I am going to have to get my hands into the dirt at least a little bit.

My Piney Roses (Peonies to you who grew up not calling them piney roses) are getting ready to burst out in bloom. I dearly love to smell them. I never knew their proper name until a few years ago, because mom had always called them piney roses, the old southern colloquial name for them. The hawthorns and honeysuckles are blooming all along our fence rows. This is my very favorite time of the year when all the spring flowers do their very best to show their beauty to our eyes.

I think I will make me a little chicken noodle soup today, very mild with little spices so as not to annoy my gall bladder. (keep that little sucker happy so it won't bother me) I have some chicken breast in the freezer and it will make a perfect noodle soup. I will have to put a little salt into it, or else I might as well not even bother to make it. I must remember to buy some noodles to go into it.

Well, the man is still asleep and I think I will go take my shower and get dressed for the day, maybe even wear a dress so my stomach won't feel confined. I have several everyday dresses that are not constrictive. I have lost close to ten pounds since I got sick, and it sure would be nice to lose another 15, but don't want to do it this way. Anyhow, you can't tell it by looking at my face (still round as can be). ha.

I hope each of you has a good day. My innards are growling around ( a wonderful sound, btw) and I guess I got stuff to do today. I am sure Imazo is enjoying herself with family out in Arizona. I certainly hope so. She is a dear friend and I love her.
She and my other two sisters-in-law, Mae and Darlene have been very faithful in checking on me. I am most fortunate to have such good friends as they are.

Mark and Allie came over to spend some time with us on Mother's day, and brought me a beautiful planter with wave petunias in it. They are purple. I would post the picture here, but I am not doing something right with downloading the picture from my camera (new computer) and I don't know yet what I did or didn't do. It will take several times and some help from my 'puter experts.

Well, I need to go and have breakfast and then get my shower and ready for the day. Much love to each of you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Bye for now. Thanking God again for the good night's sleep.


Serbian Mink said...


more from the wannabe Doctor Campbell.

spices do not irritate or excite an inflamed gall bladder. it is FATTY foods that cause the problem. LOW-FAT is the way to go til you have it yanked.

your gall bladder stores bile, which is released to the small intestine to digest fats that you get from food. when the bile duct is blocked (from a stone) and you eat fatty food, it can't release the bile. the pain results from the gall bladder trying to squeeze out the bile but being unable to do so cuz the duct is blocked.

Recommendation: easy on fried foods, cheeses, red meat, sausage, til you have surgery. you'll feel much better in the interim. lotsa fruit, veggies, breads, cereal, white meat, fish.

Da Doc

Clara....in TN said...

Hi Grammy, did I miss a post? Are you going to have your gall bladder out? Serbian Mink is telling you what to eat until you have your surgery. I thought I had read all of your posts.
Be careful digging in the dirt!

azdarlene said...

Thank you wannabe Doctor Campbell. Now lets see if the patient will do what the wannabe Dr says. LOL
I know Ruby is in a lot of pain.
Hope she will take it easy until she sees the Dr next week, and take care of herself.

Love you
Darlene and Mark

Grammy said...

Dear wannabe Dr. C,
Thanks for the advice,,,always glad to get the benefit of others' experiences. I had some chicken noodle soup for supper that I had made from chicken breasts and egg yolk free noodles. Dub wanted to know where the seasoning was, and generallyt complained, but I thought it was oretty good. I guess I will have the rest tomorrow. Again, thanks for the advice. Love,
Aunt Gwammmeee