Saturday, May 9, 2009

To all Moms Out There- Happy Mother's Day

Hey, Y'all,

Sunday, May 10th is the day we will be celebrating Mother's Day. I would like to salute all the moms for the hours of care and love that they gave to their children- for all the hours they sat up with a sick child, praying for healing, cleaning up after their illness, and cooling their fevered brows...for all the worrying about their children's choice of friends...for teaching them about God's love and tender watchcare over each of us...for listening when they really had stuff to do, but knew the child's confidences were more important than the 'stuff'...for caring when a child's heart was breaking...for always being grateful for little gifts offered (like a bouquet of wilting wildflowers or a dandelion brought in a hot little hand).

We thank them for the hard work ethics they instilled in each of us, giving us the tools we would need to make it through the hard times, and the freedom of laughter when our lives got tough or challenging. The laughter and the perseverance have helped me make it through my life. I always look for the fun or humor in life's situtations and make jokes so that others can laugh with me. All my siblings were quick to laugh and make others laugh. I can still remember my mother's laughter.

Part of the learning we got was from our dad and mom interacting. She could be very serious and all at once he would be teasing her, and she would laugh.

We thank them for teaching us the importance of honesty. My mom was a great believer in always telling the truth (unfortunately, I enjoy embroidering the truth sometimes since it makes the story more interesting).
Mothers know that they don't get everything across to their children that they would like, so they concentrate on what they consider to be the most important lessons, and trust that their children will learn the rest along the way. I selected a few pictures of my mom and her interaction with others to post today. I hope you enjoy them.

One is of my mom hoeing in the garden after we first moved out here to New Market in 1947. Mom and Dad had six children and worked hard all their lives to provide for us. They were honest to a fault, and spent their lives teaching us the lessons of life. They loved us and we loved them. One of the pictures is of Mom reading her Bible.

Mom always prayed by her bedside just before she went to bed. That picture is engrained on my memory. There she would kneel and talk to her Lord and Saviour, making intercession on our behalves (and we knew it). That picture in our heads influenced each of us, I know.
Another picture here is of Mom looking out the back door of the house we built in 1956. That house still stands on the old homestead grounds just down the road from Gramps and I. The old house to the left is the one we lived in for 9 years or so before we started the new one.
Another picture is of my Mom in her very early years of marriage. She and dad had just begun their family. Isn't she beautiful?

My mom had beautiful hair, and she only cut it once in her life, when she was about 30. It was the fashion during that time, and someone convinced her that she should be 'up-to-date' like everyone else. She regretted cutting it and was afraid that she would die before it would grow back. She always said that she never wanted to go meet her Saviour with short hair, that she would be too ashamed. It took her awhile to get it to grow out again. The picture here is of her before she had it cut. ( I believe)
There are many more things I could enter here, but this is not intended to bore you all. I honor my mom and all the moms out there.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the day, and posting this so each of you can read it tomorrow on Mother's Day. Love to each of you. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

A lovely tribute to MOMs, Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day today.

azdarlene said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mothers. Thank you Ruby for the tribute.
Hope you get feeling better.
Love you all
Darlene and Mark TN said...

A wonderful tribute to your Mother and all Mothers. I have very few pictures of my Mother. She refused to have her picture made. The few I have is where someone "slipped" up on her. But the picture I have of her in my heart is the one that counts. Have a Happy Mother's Day Ruby.

Serbian Mink said...

Lovely words, Gwammmeee...hope you r feeling better on this Mother's Day!