Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nothing Yet

Hey, Y'all,
I called the surgeon's office this morning and "left another message" for the doc's scheduler. NO call back. I just hate being treated like I am of little or no importance, not deserving a call back. It is pure torture waiting for a doctor's office to return a call. I had also called my family doctor asking them to put in a good word for me to have my surgery moved to an earlier date. They called after lunch and discovered that the scheduler had left at noon. When I called my family doc's office this afternoon, and they gave me that news, but said they would call and speak to the office manager in the morning. I am getting fed up with the surgeon's runaround. If they don't want to reschedule for an earlier date, all they have to do is tell me. Sheesh!

I have had a pretty good day today. I did a couple of loads of laundry and put them away, cleaned the bathroom, mopped the bathroom and kitchen, made supper for us and our neighbors (chicken pot pie), and they brought dessert (Laurie made smoothies for us...YUM!)

My neighbors stayed awhile after supper and I got out the jigsaw puzzle that my friend, Judy, gave me for my birthday, along with a mat to roll it up in so I could put it away before it was finished. We got a whole lot of it put together and will work on it again one time when they come back for supper.

I worked some on Will's quilt last night and this morning. I will be carrying off the trash tomorrow morning, and going to the grocery store some time tomorrow.

Imazo left this morning for Ohio with her sisters and is planning on staying for about a week, but her sisters are only staying a couple of days. I hope they will have a great time! I look forward to hearing about her visit with Lois.

Well, it is about my bedtime. I am a little tired and sleepy. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. More tomorrow. Love to each of you. Bye for now.

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Serbian Mink said...

why not go over to Knoxville to the Doctor's office? that'd be the day that i'd wait for them to call me back. almost never happens...