Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Foolish Move or Two?

Hey, Y'all,
Sunday we went to the Golden Corral to have lunch with our friends, Dick and Lou Ann, and Judy and Gene. Judy offered to pick us up and so we went in their van. I was feeling great, we had been to church and had a wonderful service. Their van is one that I have to pull up by the back of the front seat in order to get into it. It is a possibility that I pulled a muscle. After we got to the restaurant, I ate too much, and so when we got back home, I lay down for a nap. Two hours later, I was hurting in my stomach, and so I called Judy and asked if she could take me to the emergency room.

I had been online chatting with Teresa, and she told me to get to the emergency room right away. When Judy and I got there, the waiting room was full. (you have to realize that it is a small community hospital). They told us that they were having a lot more people than ususal. I considered it must be because people are obsessing over the Swine Flu. Four and a half hours later, I finally got back into the emergency room and sat on a gurney in the hallway for quite some time, rocking back and forth with pain.

After telling them that the pain seemed to be moving behind my back, they put me into a cubicle that belonged to someone who was out having x-rays done, hooked me up to an ekg and did that procedure. The other person came back and I was back out in the hallway. A little later a cubicle became available, and they hooked me up to a heart monitor, then I finally saw the doctor, answered a lot of questions, went through some examining with him asking where does it hurt (pressing on my stomach, etc.). I then was taken down to have a ct scan done, he came back in and said that everything seemed to look clear. He prescribed some antibiotics for me and advised me to see my family doctor soon, they gave me a couple of percocets and sent me home. They had already given me some demoral in the vein where the iv thingy was. I was given a small bag of what I guess was a saline solution. So, seven hours after I got there, I was sent home. He sent me home with a couple of antibiotic prescriptions, but I haven't taken them yet. I was researching them this morning and will ask my family doctor about them.

Yesterday, I took a couple of percocets during the day, and then late last night, another one, and slept like a baby. Wah wah wah. Ha! a joke.. Actually I slept very well.

I called the doctor's office yesterday, and have an appointment for today. No percocets today. I am still sore, but not in the kind of pain of the other day. The pain seems to be more localized in my upper right side.

Well, that is my saga for right now. More later. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Love to you all. Bye for now.


Judy said...

Gosh Grammy, If you were hurting when you went in that emergency room you could have been dead after all that time. Why is it called an emergency room? When I used to work for state government people with medical cards would go to the emergency room even if it was not an emergency just to get in without an appointment lots of times. We finally had to start charging them if it was not an emergency and not taking the card.
I sure hope you are o.k. and feel lots better by now. Please take care. Hugs.

Grammy said...

Dear Judy,
Thanks for the hugs and well-wishes. I appreciare them.

Clara....in TN said...

I have said many times that you could die in an ER before you ever get help. I have been through that several times with Bill. Sorry you are not feeling well.