Saturday, May 9, 2009

A "Slow-Moving" Day

Hey, Y'all,
Well, it has been a slow moving day around here, I being the major slow-mover. ha. I got up this morning after having had a somewhat strange night (a lot of dreams, punctuated by dreams of having a baby....hmmmm, wonder where that feeling came from, must have been the feeling of pain when I moved.) Anyway, I finally awakened for the day around 7 a.m. and got up for the day. I went out and walked around for awhile, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and the singing of the birds. Then I sat on the front porch and rocked for awhile.

My friend, Judy, stopped by to pick up my trash that I haven't felt like carrying off to the local dumpsters this past week. We walked around the yard and picked up branches that had fallen from the trees last evening during the storm and we smelled the roses that are blooming profusely in my front yard. While we looked around, she called her husband, Gene, and was telling him about the vines that were growing over my electric wires coming into our house.

A little later, just as I was about to sit down to my scrambled egg and piece of raisin toast, Gene and our friend (his fishing buddy), Ellis, came by to look at the yard, and I talked to them for a while. Then I came in to my breakfast, and did my best to eat the toast, egg, and Jasmine tea. It was gone in a few minutes and then they came into the house to visit for a few minutes.

As they were leaving, they asked about the little white flags and yellow wire that surrounded our neighbor's property. I told them that it was for an electric fence that they are installing to keep their new puppies (who are really growing, btw) from running everywhere. I told them about walking early one morning in my nephew's subdivision out in Tucson, and coming upon a dog that I thought was going to just eat me up. I am afraid of dogs, and make no bones about it. I happened to see a lady come along riding a horse, and she told me that the dog had one of those electric fences around his house, so he wouldn't come out and attack me.

Then Gene told me about this friend of his that has one of those little yappy dogs, and it was out in the yard alone, when a coyote came in and grabbed the dog. He thought he was going to have a good juicy meal, but when it hit that electric fence, the dog's collar was activated and the coyote turned him loose in a hurry and took off running. The dog was safe and probably was never threatened by that coyote again. No matter the situation, Gene almost always has a story to fit the occasion.

For lunch today (late) I had a good portion of an eggroll that I found in my freezer. I fixed one for Gramps as well, and also a salad for him, along with a baked potato. I did well to eat most of the eggroll. I don't know what I will eat tonight.

I called my pharmacist this afternoon to ask him some questions about taking my antibiotic and also the gas I still have in my abdominal cavity. I asked if it was unusual to have it last this long and he said, "no, it takes a long time for the body to absorb the gas they use, and each person is different". So I guess I am just one of those people who is going to take a long time. I might as well accept it and be done with it.

I am planning on going to my family doctor's office on Monday and look at my records. I have patient's rights, I know. I intend to exercise them. I guess I need to exercise something. ha.

I may stretch out on my bed after while and exercise my right to rest. ha. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off. Love to you all. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...


Whaddabout telephoning the Doc who did the laparoscopy re: the pain, loss of appetite, etc.?

Judy said...

From all the stuff you said you did yesterday below, you certainly deserve a good rest. Happy Mother's Day to you. Hugs.