Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today - A Reinforced Realization

Hey, Y'all,
This morning we actually got up in time again to go to church, and it was easier emotionally for me today. Always the first time back to church when one has been out due to illness, is very emotional. (At least it has always been so for me.) I only choked up a couple of times this morning.

After church, we saw Jessie's baby, Kyah, and she is adorably beautiful with little rosebud lips and soft pink skin. Kyah was sleeping, so I didn't get to pick her up, but eventually, I am sure I will get to hold her.

Gramps and I left church and proceeded on to The Captain's Galley restaurant for lunch. I had been craving fried oysters so that is what I ordered, and Gramps had the catfish filets. We really enjoyed our lunch and then we slowly proceeded out of the restaurant. As I was walking slowly with Gramps, holding onto his hand to help give him balance, I was struck anew at how feeble he has become over the past year. If he had looked at my face, he would have seen the tears streaming down my face.

You see, I was remembering how strong he used to be, and how he walked all over Jefferson City in his younger days. I remembered how very vital he was when we met, and could only compare the difference to how he is now. He will never know if I can help it, how sorry I feel for his disability now. He is my sweet darling, and I love him so dearly.

When we left the restaurant, he said, "Just take me home, and don't go anywhere else before we do. I am hurting in my legs, and my seat is tired." So I did.

After we returned home, we changed into sweats, and he is in bed resting right now. I am in my multipurpose room, blogging, and listening to the Game Show Network. One of my favorite channels on tv. I will be working later on the quilt piecing. I moved my worktable around so I could watch tv while I sew. I still have the kitchen to clean (not a lot, but some).

Yesterday, I went to carry off the trash, and then spent a couple of hours doing shopping at the Walmart. Then the rest of the afternoon at home, and Teresa and I spent a couple of hours chatting online. She and I do that quite often, and Carol calls me usually once or twice a week on her way home from work. They keep me going by keeping in touch. Occasionally, I get to chat with Allie for awhile, and Mark comes over once or twice a week.

Friends and family are so very important and help to keep me grounded and not so very lonesome, because I spend a lot of my time at home, and I still need those contacts. Fellow bloggers help me to maintain my sanity as well. I appreciate all so very much. Gramps spends so much time in bed, it is almost like he is not here.

Well, I think I will close off for now. I look forward to having our neighbors in to have supper with us tomorrow evening. I will be preparing vegetable beef soup for supper along with cornbread muffins. I may even get the kitchen floor mopped in the morning, if I get up feeling industrious. ha.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to each of you, my friends. Hope each of you has a good night's rest and wake up ready for a brand new day. Bye for now. More tomorrow sometime.


Paula said...

Oh, Grammie, it is sooo hard to see our beloved husband's bodies fail. It's a sad thing to see day in and day out. My Dear Hubby spends most of his day in bed too. I'm grateful for lift my spirits and give me another sweet caregiver to pray for. Hang in there and keep writing. So glad you have family and neighbors to share your life with.

Grammy said...

Dear Paula,
Thank you so very much for your caring spirit and friendship! I am so glad we discovered each other!
Ruby (aka grammy)


Hi Ruby thanks for your visit. I agree that sunsets are beautiful the world over but one in particular captured me....the one in Spain,for pure emotional reasons. I thought your poetry was good and enjoyed reading.
Your blog today was as always very interesting, pleased you were able to get to church....both of you.
I do so love reading about other people's lives . Keep up the good work, take care.
Yvonne TN said...

Hi Grammy, I'm glad you were able to go to church. I always feel better when I can go. Bill don't ask to go anywhere any more. Like Gramps, he stays in the bed most of the time. When he does get up to sit in a chair, he goes to sleep. He takes 23 pills a day. that is enough to kill any body. I sometimes think he would be better ooff if he didn't take any at all! But, I'm not the Doctor.
Have a good evening! Clara

Grammy said...

Clara,I guess we are really fortunate in the fact that the only medicine Gramps takes is insulin once a day, and he does take multivitamin every day. I am the one who takes 10 pills every day, plus eye drops at night to keep Glaucoma at bay. I know we are blessed, anyway.

Judy said...

Oh, Grammy, I am so sorry things are going downhill with your husband. My Bob has started telling me the same things over and over. Drives me crazy sometimes. I have called him on it so many times. He now says, "I know I have told you this before, but I am going to tell you again. It is quite funny sometimes but sad, too. Hugs, Judy