Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Hen Party

Hey, Y'all,

This morning about 6 a.m. I heard Gramps get up and head for the bathroom. Then just as I looked up, down he went into the floor. He was not hurt, and I helped him get up by moving a chair where he could pull himself up (with a little assistance from me - with what he would let me help). He then proceeded on to finish what he intended when he got out of bed.
A few hours later (after he and I had had a couple of more hours sleep) we had breakfast, and got ready to head into Knoxville to visit with Imazo, and her sisters, and niece. We got there about 11 a.m. or so, and found that Dorothy, Barbara, and Joann (Barbara's daughter) were already there. Then we had us a regular Hen Party. (With one old harmless rooster)

After the hugging took place, we all sat down in the living room and talked for awhile. It was really great to be able to visit with them again. After an hour or so, we decided it was time to have something to eat (of course), so Joann and I took ourselves on down to Burger King and ordered from the drive-thru. I ordered Six Chicken sandwiches, and proceeded on to the first window.

The girl at the window asked, "Did you have six chickens?" I replied, "No, I didn't have six chickens, but I did order six chicken sandwiches" (ha ha). She looked at me kind of funny, (wonder why?) and said, "that will be $24.25". (Here, my two sons-in-law are groaning over my pun, and my two girls are saying 'what a smart alec remark'. ha ha)

I paid her and we proceeded on to the next window to pick up the sandwiches. We took them back to the house and we sat down around the table, while Imazo got our drink orders and Barbara helped her fix the drinks (no, no alcohol), just tea and soft drinks, thank you very much.

Barbara had baked two cakes and brought them with her; they were yellow layer cakes, and one was frosted with a white frosting and coconut, the other was frosted with chocolate frosting. Of course, we all had to have a bit of each.

We were all feeling like ticks on a puppy (full of food) and went into the living room. Imazo brought out a bunch of shirts that had belonged to Hugh so that we could choose from them some that could be worn by our menfolks (and us, too).

Then she called us ladies into her bedroom and showed us some clothes that she was getting rid of, and so we began to try them on, and each of us chose some that we could wear. Of course, we had left Gramps sitting in the living room, and reading a National Geographic. He was perfectly happy

It was soon time for us to leave, and after some more hugging, and picking up our bags of clothing, Gramps and I left and headed down to Mae's house to visit with her for a while, and Imazo's relatives left for Monroe county.

We visited with Mae for awhile, and then left, after promising to be back down there tomorrow after church if weather permitted to take her and Imazo out to lunch. (You know, that eating rates right up there with sleeping, ha).

Gramps and I were heading home and I asked him how he felt among so many women, and he said, "Cautious". Ha. he is so funny, isn't he? He has a wonderfully dry wit.
Pictures above are: Barbara, and Gramps, (2) Joannn and Dorothy, (3) Dorothy, Imazo and Barbara and the edge of Gramps face. (I was behind the camera in each of the pictures, of course)
Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. More tomorrow, I hope. Love to all of you. Bye for now.



Hello Ruvy pleased to knowthat Gramps wasn't hurt. so you had a good day, well we have to enjoy each day as it comes,
Have a good week-end.
Both of you take care.


Barbara said...

Good Morning Ruby,
We did have a good time,didn't we.
I am so glad we got to go up there. Joann&I traveled from Cleveland,Which is Bradley County.
And picked up Dorothy in Sweetwater.we have her to meet us
there to save time. we really
enjoyed visiting with you all.

Grammy said...

Thanks to both of you. Yes, we did have a really great time! Yes, we do need to take each day as it comes, Yvonne. I feel so blessed that they are mostly good, too.
Barbara, It was wonderful to be able to spend a lot of time with you all. Snow here this morning, so we won't be going out today.

azdarlene said...

Glad you had such a good time yesterday. And yes with all the chickens there is always a good rooster around. lol Dub probably had fun also listening to all of you. We have sunshine out here so we will be going to church in a little bit. Haven't seen snow yet.
Love ya
Darlene TN said...

You all just have so much fun! I have been in my kitchen all day. By the time I would get it cleaned up from one meal, Bill would be hungry again! I'm glad Gramps didn't get hurt from the fall. That is a normal thing around here. I have to get him up out of the floor just about every day. My arm is sore.

Judy said...

That remark from Gramps about being around all you women is hilarious! Sounds like you all did have a regular hen party. I love times like that.