Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Fun

Hey, Y'all,

Mondays have become real fun for Gramps and I, what with having supper with our neighbors and then playing games. I am a real game player, and love to cook. Since coming back to Tennessee a couple of years ago, I have rediscovered my interest in preparing meals, and having people in to eat with us. It is also wonderful for Gramps to interact with other people in our home.

Today our meal was chicken pot pie, and I had a lot of fun preparing it for us. This morning, early, I was up putting six chicken breasts on to cook in readiness for the pot pie which I would finish later. I took them from the broth and cooled them in the fridge, and then headed out to Walmart to do a little shopping and was back within an hour or so.

Upon my return home, I took some carrots out to cook, and put them on, and forgot about them while I had lunch and read some from a book I am reading. Then I began sniffing something that smelled suspiciously burned. Yep, it was the carrots. Fortunately, I had not put all of my carrots in that one pot, and I put the rest of the carrots from the fridge into another pot, and cooked them without burning them. Unfortunately, this was not the first time I had ever burned something while reading, and probably won't be the last time. Ha.

After lunch, I began working on making a coconut meringue cream pie to take to Knoxville tomorrow so that my sister-in-law, Mae, can have some. She has been hungering for a coconut pie, so we will have a sandwich of some kind and then have the pie for dessert. I will leave the balance of it with her and Imazo.

I had to look for the recipe for the white sauce for the pot pie, and also the recipe for the coconut cream pie online last night, so I could make them today. There is nothing like the resources that the internet provides, is there?

This afternoon, Gramps helped me get the table ready for our friends and the pot pie was bubbling in the oven, ready to serve. Yum! I made it in a large serving bowl (which you can see on the table in the pictures). We had pretty much cleaned it out by the time I took the pictures. I almost forgot again to take the pictures, but I remembered in time, before Laurie left for her Monday evening Bible study.

After the supper, we played several games: Uno, Aggravation, and Dominoes. We had great fun and I look forward next Monday evening when we will dine together again and play some more games, and just generally have a great time. I am planning on making apple dumplings for dessert next Monday. I haven't decided yet on the main course, but I know I will enjoy making it.

Pictures: Top picture is of Scott, Laurie and Olivia, second picture is of Olivia, Mitchell, and Gabriel. Scott is a construction worker and a wonderful father to their three children. Laurie home schools the children and is a very charming lady. They are a loving, Christian family and I feel blessed to know them. We are having great times with them and the children. It is really great to have young people in our home.

Well, it is nearly eleven o'clock and time to get to bed. The dish washer is cleaning my dishes, and tomorrow is another day. I need to take my pills and go to bed. Love to all of you, my readers. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More tomorrow. Bye for now.

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Barbara said...

Hi Ruby, Hope you all have fun today at Imazo's Enjoy that PIE,