Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

Hey, Y'all,
Yep, we got up this morning and headed out to Knoxville at about 9:15 a.m. In the meantime, I contracted with a paver yesterday to pave our driveway with asphalt, to be done today while we were in Knoxville. I asked him to pave the driveway down to where our driveway joined with our neighbor's. When we got back today, I decided I wanted him to pave the driveway all the way down to the road. He just laughed and said of course he would do it. One of the workers said he knew we would want it finished all the way down when we saw it. (pictures forthcoming when the job is finished completely).

We proceeded on to Knoxville this morning and decided to have a Hardee's breakfast consisting of biscuits/gravy and coffee. (yes, I know, it is bad for us, especially me, but we don't do Hardee's very much any more. It has been months since we have done so).

After breakfast, we went on and picked up Mae and then went on to Imazo's. We left Gramps at Imazo's and then Imazo, Mae, and I went to the Mall and did some shopping. By that time, my back and Mae's shoulder and back were all in the "killing me" mode. I don't know about Imazo's, she never complains. We went on then to Wal marts (a super walmart), and depended on the buggies to help us contend with aching joints and muscles. (Thank goodness for those buggies)!

Upon arriving back at Imazo's, we switched cars and gathered Dub into the car, and headed for Litton's Restaurant. Dub and I shared a chicken salad sandwich, and Mae and Imazo each got one and took leftover halves home. Mae ordered a piece of coconut pie for dessert, but couldn't eat all of it, so she took the remainer home to eat later. Imazo and I shared a piece of Italian Creme Cake, and Gramps (Dub) had a huge lemon cookie. Yum, full tummies all around (and we were rounder when we left there than we were when we arrived. ha ha.). While we were there, I suggested that the next time we go shopping, we take a wheelchair, and then we can take turns riding and pushing. We had a good laugh over that one.

We got back to Imazo's and just kind of lounged around and patted our full tummies and yearned for a nap, but resisted (at least for the time being). We were just hanging out (literally, we were so full) and sat around talking about all kinds of stuff. After a while, I took Mae home and came back and got Gramps and we headed home.

It looks like we are going to have some rain tomorrow, and maybe snow showers on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Another lost weekend, maybe. ha. Tomorrow, I will be going in to Jeff City to pick up some groceries I need and Gramps will probably sleep in while I do so. We are going out on Monday evening to celebrate Allie's 50th birthday anniversary. We plan to be eating at Puleo's at Strawberry Plains.

Well, it is time for me to end this Epistle for the night. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now. Love to you all.


Barbara said...

HiRuby, Sounds like you all had fun today.I guess it is good you did this today cause tomorrow sounds bad,and for a few more days.
I talked to Imazo a few minutes ago, She sounds good.She said you all had a good day together.I am so glad you and Dub can go to be with her, and of course Mae too.
have a good evening, TN said...

Hi Grammy, did you watch American Idol last night? I picked two of the three that went through to the final 12. Hope you are having a good day. It's raining here. My son-in-law is supposed to come tomorrow and cut down a dead tree. I have a feeling it will be raining tomorrow (Sat) too!


Hi Ruvy, pleased you had a fun day,
hope you and Gramps are doing fine. I did so enjoy your blog as always.

Take care both of you.