Thursday, February 19, 2009

This and That, I Reckon

Hey, Y'all,
Today is one of those days that I just couldn't decide what I wanted to write about and decided to just do a smattering of different subjects.

Lately, Gramps has been talking a lot about his school days of teaching. I think he has been reliving them in his dreams. Yesterday morning, about ten a.m., Gramps got up and (picture this), kind of staggered out of bed, with his hair all tousled up, and his baggy-seated sweats, and said, "I'm going to be late for school this morning, I guess." I thought, "oops, what can I say now?" So I said, "Today is a holiday, and school is out". He said, "Okay." Thus, he was kind of detoured and then, I guess, forgot about school for the time being.

We had a very quiet day yesterday and I got a lot of laundry done and put away, I also got my bed linen changed and washed. Last night about 11 p.m. I was putting the fresh linens on my bed. His gets laundered today. It is difficult to find a good time to do his bed, because he spends so much time in it. ha.

This morning, I was up about 7:30 and came into my multipurpose room, and looked at the top of my computer desk, (the table part of it) and decided it was time to clean out my filing cabinet and begin my new year of files. I spent about two hours on that, and finally got finished with it. It is wonderful to have that done and not be concerned with it anymore.

While cleaning up my files, and the top of the computer desk, I ran across the poems that my sister had written, and thought I would put one of them on today's blog. It is called, "Winter Woes? And Wonders!". Here it is:

I woke up this morning and what do you know?
I saw a big frost that resembled a snow.
I put on my robe and turned up the heat,
And then I put wool socks on my feet.

The need to go out, I really did dread-
Such thoughts made me want to jump back in bed.
But down by the river was a beautiful sight -
A fog had frozen on the trees in the night.

And now as the sun was beginning to gleam,
A more beautiful picture you never have seen!
We often dread the cold and the ice,
But listen to me and take my advice...

God made each season for man to enjoy,
Some like the heat and some the cold,
And each has a beauty that all can behold,
So Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall-

Remember that God made them all.

Margaret Elizabeth Campbell. 12-8-2004

I hope you enjoy reading and thinking about her poetry. She had an eighth grade education until her later years in life when she achieved a high school diploma through a GED. I have always been proud to have had her as a sister.

Well, that is my posting for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.

4 comments: TN said...

Hi Grammy, just stopping bye to see what you are doing today. I can't get started doing anything. Yesterday one of my friends came and we sat and talked and looked through crochet and knitting books , ate cake and enjoyed our visit. It is so cold here. The wind is whipping around every where. I can tell my house is harder to heat today. Hope you and Gramps are staying warm.

Judy said...

It is very cold here today, too. I have my sweats on just like Gramps. I loved your sisters poem. She was very talented. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Barbara said...

Hi Ruby, The poem was lovely, I
write poems sometimes.Been a while tho.Yes it was cold today. The wind was terrible.I plan on going to Imazo's Saturday. My daughter
is going to drive me and Dorothy
up there. Stay warm tonight.

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

My, that pie looks yummy. I've a certain sick man here who is not eating at the moment - on chemo -but I think he might very well be tempted by your scrumptious lemon meringue pie Ruby. Any chance of the recipe?

love, Babs