Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silence All Around

Hey, Y'all,
Today has been very quiet...A good time for reflection, which I seem to be doing a lot of these days. I was up early this morning, after a night of strange dreams. Too much pizza last evening? I don't know. It was good, though.

We had a delightful time last evening with our neighbors, who came to eat with us. Their children are delightful and so full of enthusiasm. After supper, we cleared off the table and played a couple of fun games: Aggravation, and Dominoes.

The pizza that I made was almost demolished. I had just enough left for my lunch today. (Gramps slept through lunch).

Gramps got up this morning around 9 a.m. and had breakfast. He decided that he was still tired and needed to go back to bed. So he did. I then decided that I would work on Will's quilt today.

It was very quiet in our home today. I had a lot of time to reflect on the past few weeks. I know my husband is worried about my health, because of the way my siblings' health problems brought about their deaths. I keep trying to reassure him that I am much healthier than they were. He keeps asking, "Don't you have the same things they did?". I attempt to make him understand that my condition is much better than theirs and that he should not worry about me.

The wind has been blowing outside our home today, and if I listen carefully, I can hear the wind chimes blowing and tinkling loudly. The snow has begun to fall again, and they promise some more accumulation. By the weekend, however, the sun is supposed to melt what is out there, and bring warm temperatures to us.

I called Imazo today and she told me she had just finished folding and boxing up twenty shirts that had belonged to Hugh. What a chore she has ahead of her, and I feel for her. If I could get to Knoxville right now, I would be there helping her.

Friday, I have plans to take my car in to Morristown to be serviced. I really need to clean it out, but I don't do that kind of thing when the weather is cold.

Around 5 O'clock this afternoon, I prepared a couple of scrambled eggs and some toast, made some green tea, and +sat down to have my supper. I had gone in to wake up Gramps to see if he wanted to get up and have something to eat. About the time that I was halfway through eating, he came in, looking for food. (The offer of food almost always has a positive result.) I prepared the same for him, and heated a cup of coffee for him.

So now, the night is drawing nigh, the wind blows, the snow falls quietly, and my reflections draw near to an end for today. I will be back at my sewing machine in a few minutes, and the sound of the television broadcasting "American Idol" will be filling my multipurpose room as I work on Will's quilt. This has been a productive day, and I look forward to a night's rest.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. May each of you feel God's love and peace within your hearts. Bye for now.

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