Friday, February 13, 2009

Pizza Night followed by Dominoes

Hey, Y'all,

We have been having a marvelous time this evening at our home. So much fun, it should be against the law. Ha ha. If laughter is the best medicine, we have been doctored up really good this evening.

Our friends, Judy and Gene, her mother, Marion, and Judy's sister, Marjorie, came and our Allie and Mark came also. Gene is a wonderful story teller. He had us literally rolling with laughter.

I had made the pizza for our supper, and Judy brought a layered green salad, and also some chocolate chips to melt to dip fruit into, and she brought the fruit as well.

After we had pizza, we cleared the table and stacked the dishwasher with the dishes, and got out the box of double twelve dominoes. Somehow, the idea has gotten around that I cheat at dominoes. I think it began when I helped Gramps with his game because he had trouble deciding what tile to play. The first thing I knew, my family and friends were accusing me of cheating, so I played it up and joked about it.

Tonight when we started playing, Marjorie was sitting beside me, and Judy said, "Be careful, Ruby cheats." Marjorie immediately placed her tea glass between the two of us, and put her table napkin over the glass to place a shield between us. I had to laugh , along with everyone else, it was so funny. (see glass and napkin in picture).

Gene started telling funny stories and had us just rolling with laughter. We could hardly catch our breath. It was 11:00 before we finished up for the night, and to tell the truth (which I always try to do), I could have gone on for another hour.

In fact, right now, it is a little past midnight, and I am sitting here blogging and watching Monk on television. I am not really sleepy right now, and I can sleep late in the morning. We have been invited to go to Knoxville tomorrow evening (actually this evening if you consider we are already into Saturday) and go to the Valentine Banquet at Imazo's and Mae's church. Jeff, Hugh's and Imazo's son, is one of those who is preparing the meal. We look forward to going and spending some time with them.

The first picture is of Judy, Gene, Mark and Allie. The second one is of Marjorie, Marion, and Judy. Notice the glass covered with the blue napkin to the right of Marjorie. Ha. Just too funny! I would never really dream of looking at anyone's tiles to see what they had, just act like I am. It has gotten to really be quite a joke.
Well, it is really time to get to bed, and I think I can sleep now that I have had time to unwind a little. Have to take my nighttime pills and crawl into bed.
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. More tomorrow. Hope all of you are getting a good night's sleep. Bye for now.



Hi Ruby pleased you had a good night, the food and company sounded just grand. it does you good to have friends round, as you say plenty of laughter. Laughter is thing I don't mind catching.
Best wishes to you and Gramps.
Take care.


azdarlene said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone. Sounds like you had to much fun last night Ruby. That is great. Hope you have fun tonight with Imazo and Mae. Glad Dub wants to get his independence back, and yes I would and have been scared when they do and something happens and your not there. That does show he is getting a little better. Hope you all have a good day and evening being together.
Love you all

Tanya said...

THat is so funny. It really has become a joke, I love how she blocked your glances. Happy Valentine's Day

Mom's Blog said...

Sounds like you guys had great fun!!