Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cabin Fever

Hey, Y'all,
Cabin Fever has hit this household (at least one person in the house), and tomorrow, we escape!

Yesterday morning began at 5 a.m. with Gramps getting up and eating breakfast, then coming back to bed until afternoon. I worked most of the day yesterday on the quilt that I am piecing for grandson, Will, who is stationed in Minot, North Dakota at the U.S. Air Force base. Hopefully, I will get it finished before summertime gets there. ha.

I took the leftover pizza sauce and baked a pizza for our lunch and supper yesterday. It was really good! I will be making pizza one of these weekends and having friends, Mark and Allie, Judy and Gene, and Judy's mother, Marion, over for food and games.
I am a real game lover, and they are too, as well. Gramps is not much for games any more, but that is okay.

The need to clean out the files in my filing cabinet kind of weighs on my mind, but not too heavily. I must purchase some manila folders to store the files before I begin purging the files. That requires a trip to the getting place "Walmart". We still have a large amount of snow on the ground, and the back roads still have some ice on them. That is why I am reeling from Cabin Fever...haven't been out since Sunday, and not dressed in anything but nightgown and housecoat since we had our neighbors in for supper on Monday evening.

Not many comments either on my blog, so I am there anyone out there reading? I certainly hope so.

Tomorrow, I have scheduled a trip to the auto service dept. of the Morristown Toyota to have my car serviced. If I can get up the energy, I intend to vacuum out the car before I take it in. They always wash the outside of the car as part of the service contract I have with them, and I hate to take it in dirty on the inside. It kind of looks like someone is living in the car...magazines, dirt in the floorboard, paper towels unrolled on the back seat...oops, you really don't want to envision that mess, I'm sure. ha.

Also, Gramps and I are planning on going into Knoxville tomorrow to spend some time with Imazo and Mae. We will go to eat somewhere and then maybe take them shopping or something. I know Imazo and Mae both have Cabin Fever as well as I.

Mark and Allie are in the process of purchasing a home in Sevierville, and will no doubt rent out the home they are living in after they close the deal, and move. They assure me that they will continue to be in close touch after they move. We shall see.
I joked with them saying "yeah, we move back up here and have someone to help us, and then they move away.".

Well, time to sign off for the day. Love to all of you. This is Blabbin' Grammy closing out for the time being. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...

a LARGE amount of snow....really?

get ready, Gwammy, i may post something on my blog.
have fun manana with the girls.
get wild and crazeeeee.

Tanya said...

Luckily mom and dad will still be the closest fam. in the area. and they have to check on their rental houses sometimes, lol. Has the weather been bad their? I haven't really been keeping up with those in tenn. very well the last couple of weeks. we are working hard at being a better mom during the swing shift (early evening through bedtime) which means all my energy must be saved for the end of the day, lol. I miss you

Mom B said...

I read your blog every chance I get. I'll have to start commenting evenn when I only have inane things to say. Glad you're getting out today. Tell us 'bout it! TN said...

Hi Grammy, I know Cabin Fever. Today I am waiting for the bath lady to come give Bill a bath, and then I plan to go to my friend Carolyn's house for a little while. My car hasn't been cleaned out all winter. I'm sure a homeless person could live in it and find everything he needs. LOL No, it isn't quite that bad, but it's pretty messy! I'm waiting for the week-end when the temps are soaring into the 60's! YEAH!!!!!