Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Latest on Gramps

Hey, Y'all,
It is very late on Wednesday evening. I have been sewing on Will's quilt, continuing the piecing of the flowers that will go on each block.

I returned home yesterday from looking at Mark and Allie's new house, to find that Gramps had taken a shower while I was away. I think he just wanted to see if he could do that without me here to help him. That is good progress on his part, but a little scary on my part, because he is not really steady on his feet. I am glad he is feeling more confident to do some things on his own. I asked him to please not do that any more, but to wait for me to be here so that if he fell, he wouldn't have to lie waiting for me to return home. I also told him I was very proud of him for his accomplishment.

He is also under the impression that a teacher he formerly taught with had called him to ask him to be principal at the school that Gramps retired from twenty years ago. The fact is, he dreamed the phone call and it was so real to him that he believes it really happened. Bless his heart. I told him that he wouldn't want to be back in all of that with all the responsibilities it would bring.

We had a really nice time in Knoxville today. We went to Imazo's and switched cars so that everyone could ride comfortably in Hugh's and hers Toyota Camry. Then we picked up Mae and we went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then we stopped at the drug store for some tylenol for Mae, and went to the bank so that Imazo could conduct some business there. I took Mae home and then we went back to Imazo's.

By the time we got back to Imazo's, Gramps was ready to find a nice soft seat on Imazo's couch. So we sat and talked for a while, then our neice, Donna and her husband, L.D., stopped by for awhile and we visited with them. By that time the wind was picking up and we knew that bad weather was on the way.

Gramps and I left and came home, barely getting home before the windstorm got here. We had some leftover veggie beef soup, and then he went to bed, and I came in here to my multipurpose room and started sewing. Carol called and we talked for awhile. Now it is after 11 p.m. and I am very close to going to bed. Got a lot to do tomorrow. I am planning on making the sauce for pizza I'm serving on Friday evening, and also have to go to the Walmart store tomorrow.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. God bless each of you and I hope you wake up tomorrow ready for a brand new day and new opportunities to serve Him.
Love to all of you, my friends. Bye for now.

3 comments: TN said...

Hi Grammy, did you have a bad wind storm? Lisa, who lives in Blaine, couldn't get home. Every way she went there was a tree down across the road. she finally went almost all the way to Rutledge and took Owl Hole Gap Road. That is really a long ways from her house. And after she gets back in there so far, there is no signal for her cell phone. She said they were starving and all they had in the car was cough drops. she finally made it home and everything was O.k. there.


Hi Ruby, so pleased that Gramps had a shower on his own,bet that meant alot to you both. It's not easy sometimes in life but one tries to manage what ever life throws at them. Glad you had a good day today.It's good to get out and about.
Take care both of you.


Judy said...

Hi Grammy, We had bad 70 miles per hour winds here night before last. I am tired of all this bad weather. See how vivid those dreams can be! I am like gramps lots of times. Hope you have a good Valentine's Day and a great weekend.