Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The New House

Hey, Y'all,
Today I took a trip to Sevierville with Mark and Allie to see the new house they are purchasing, which is to be their new home. Allie drove over with me sitting in the front seat of her car, and Mark drove over later. She wanted me to see how simple it is to drive to the house, and how easy it is to find. They also wanted me to see the house before they do any renovations to it.

It is a beautiful house, with four bedrooms and three baths. All the bathrooms are really nice and they all work, too! (I tried them all out, ha ha.)

There is a front deck and side deck, along with a back screened-in porch which runs the width of the house. The back of the house backs up to a wooded area. I wonder if they have thought about creatures that crawl in the summer time? I am sure they may see woodland creatures like 'possums, skunks, racconns and the like, aren't you?

The living room is sunken (not too far, just a couple of steps down into it), and is furnished right now in Asian collectibles, since the owner is Korean.

I met the realtors who are representing Mark and Allie, and really enjoyed talking with them. They are a lovely couple who really seem to know the real estate business. They were there when we arrived, and also the inspector was there conducting a thorough examination of the house and property. He pronounced it a sound building on a good foundation. Of course, we were all pleased to hear that pronouncement.

Allie had to go to work around 11 a.m., so Mark and I stayed on while the inspection was completed, then Mark treated me to a lovely lunch at the Olive Garden. I had something that was really tasty, but too salty to eat more than once a year. It was their Shrimp Caprese. Unfortunately, the shrimp had been marinated in a salt mixture, and the pasta tasted like it had been cooked in sea water. I am going to try to find a recipe for the Caprese that I can cut the salt from.

After lunch we came on back to home, and Gramps had just gotten up and got dressed just before I came in. So, tomorrow, we both will be going into Knoxville to spend some time with the sisters-in-law. Actually they have been in our family so long, they are more sisters than sisters-in-law, and I love them like sisters.

The plumber is coming in the morning to move the water heater in the basement from one part of it to another, so that eventually a bathroom can be put into the basement, along with a guest bedroom and a den. That way, when we have family come in from out of town, there will be a place for them to sleep and relax. This is a part of the ongoing renovations to our house.

We had a really great time last evening with our neighbors, Mark and Laurie, and their children. We are planning to have Gene and Judy, and Mark and Allie, and Marion and her daughter, Marjorie, who is visiting from Germany to supper on this Friday, the 13th. We look forward to that evening as well.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. More tomorrow evening. Love to all of you. Bye for now.

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Sounds like you had a good time and I sincerely hope you have a good day on Wednesday. As I have said before I do love reading your blog. Keep up the good work.
Take care both of you.