Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes, Today Is Saturday, After All

Hey, Y'all,
Today has been a lovely day...and was Saturday, after all. We were up this morning by 8 a.m. and had our morning showers and decided to eat breakfast out.

We stopped at Hardee's on Asheville Highway on our way to Hugh's and Imazo's home. What a crowd of people there were! On Saturdays people gather next to Hardee's in an empty lot and set up a flea market, which today spread on down to the next lot where an empty business building is located. Of course, a lot of people were having breakfast inside, so we just did the drive-thru thing and got our sausage, egg biscuits and coffee, then went to a parking spot nearby and ate. Yum, it was good.

We then proceeded to Hugh's, where I left Gramps at Hugh's and took Hugh and Imazo to the beauty shop appointment that they had. Once we arrived at the beauty shop, I pulled out my paperback book and proceeded to read for a while, then put it away and chatted with Hugh for awhile about stuff. When the beautician had finished with Imazo, the new hairdo she had looked beautiful and Imazo was happy to have it done. Nothing makes a woman feel better than getting the hair done, right?

After they finished getting the hair done, we left there and stopped by Mae's house and picked her up, then stopped at Hugh's and got Gramps, then the five of us went on to the restaurant known as Louis' and had a great meal (this was about 3 p.m.).
Then we went back to Hugh's and chatted awhile, after which we called John and Darlene and had a really great time talking with John. He was telling me about his memorial service that they are planning for when he passes on. It sounds like it will be a beautiful service. John sounded quite strong, better than he sounded the last time we talked.

Gramps and I took Mae home and left to come back home here in New Market. We arrived back home about 6:30 or so, and it was good to get back into our evening clothes (bed clothes). We are having a bit of ice cream (vanilla, no sugar added) while we are watching tv. He is watching Univ. of TN football team lose, I think. I bought some black walnut pieces today and have added some to my ice cream. Yum!

I may make some cookies some time this week. It has been ages since I have made any cookies. I hope to do a little more sewing on the quilt tomorrow afternoon. (maybe)

Not a lot more to say today. Maybe I will have more to say tomorrow. I do intend to have a good night's sleep tonight. I guess it depends upon what kind of night's sleep Gramps gets. Hopefully the nuts I am eating won't bother me during the night, you know, like making my stomach ache. Well, I guess we will see, huh?

This has been a really nice day, weather in the low 60's, sunshine, a few clouds, and pleasant company to spend time with. It is important to spend time with those people you love, and that is what we have done today.

I didn't have a chance to do my weekend online chat with Teresa, but I am hoping to catch her online tomorrow sometime. I did enjoy talking with Carol today and yesterday. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Hope you have a great night and get an opportunity to go to church tomorrow. God bless you.

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