Sunday, October 12, 2008

This 'n That - a Potpourri

Hey, Y'all,

Well, I didn't get to go to church this morning, because I couldn't get Gramps up in time to have his breakfast before I would have gone. But I did get some things accomplished.

I purchased a small bookcase yesterday at Wal-mart to assemble and use in front of the living room window in order to place my African Violets on top of it. It took me about an hour after I had my breakfast. My back is not letting me forget that I have been pushing it to its limits. I finally got Gramps up about 11 a.m. and got his breakfast of cereal and coffee ready for him.

Gramps is still having little headaches and neckaches. I bought a small massager to massage his neck muscles with. I heat a towel in the microwave for about 30 seconds and place that around his neck and after it has had time to soak in some heat, then I use the massager on his neck and lower part of the back of his head. Then I have him turn his head a little to the left and to the right. His neck is stiff and I am sure that affects his shoulder muscles and his head. The occupational therapist should be beginning therapy on his neck this week.

I talked to Hugh, my brother, and his wife, Imazo, yesterday. Hugh is still having quite a bit of swelling in his legs and feet. The swelling has gone above his knee in one of his legs. He has an appointment tomorrow with his cardiologist. I have one with my cardiologist as well. I am sure he will be giving me the results of the stress test I took last Monday. Hugh also told me that he had been on the porch a while yesterday, he loves sitting on his front porch and watching the birds that fly and also the crazy ones that drive by like they are afraid they won't get where they are going. ha. He told me that he reached down to lightly scratch his arm with his finger tips, and saw blood appear under the skin. Of course he wound up with a purple bruise.

Imazo's sister, Dorothy, called last night and chatted a while with me. She told me something that alarmed me. She said she has lady bugs that try to get inside her house every fall. She told me they even get in through her windows that are double paned. To remedy that, she had sprayed paper towels with Hotshot insect spray and stuffed them into the cracks around the windows. She told me she had not used a mask or rubber gloves to do it. Of course, by the time she told me about it, she was already feeling the effects of that spray in her nostrils and throat. I advised her to put on her mask, and her rubber gloves and remove the paper towels and throw them away. Then she could just use regular paper towels with nothing on them to stuff the cracks in the window frames. She has COPD and really shouldn't be using Insect Sprays inside the house. I called her a while ago, and got her answering machine. I hope she is okay.

I did some repotting of flowers this afternoon. I had bought some pretty flowers called violas which are supposed to flower through the fall and winter and withstand very low temperatures to 29 below degrees. (my kind of winter flowers). They are beautiful in the pot that I put them into. I am planning on buying a few more pansies or something else for some of the pots on my front porch.

My roses are blooming again and it will probably be the last time this fall. Note picture of them at top of post. I also took a pic of my flower bed with pansies I planted yesterday. Also see pic of my new bookcase that I assembled this morning with two of my four African violets on top.

Dorothy also told me that she and her sister, Barbara, and Barbara's daughter are getting to go visit Lois in Ohio and leaving early Monday morning for the trip. I wish them a wonderful time.

Well, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday afternoon. May you feel God's love and peace in your hearts. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now.



Excellent read much enjoyed. Thanks for the hints on neck problems and how to relive pain. I have arthitis in my neck and knees and back will try your remedies.
Have a lovely week.

Yvonne TN said...

Hi Grammy, Have you heard of a rice bag? You make a bag...the size you want and fill it with rice and heat it in the microwave (keep turning it over) until it gets hot. This will stay hot for quite a while, and it fits nicely around the neck or shoulder. Don't get really full...leave some room so it will lay nicely. I have made one with beans also. I don't know which one I like the best. Your flowers look great and I like the book case you put together. You are a busy woman!

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

It's lovely to see another granny on-line. I will be 75 in January and like you keep moving. Downside is losing my husband 8 years ago - but patchwork and quilting
helps to stave of the lonelines during our long winters in the UK.
I shall follow your blocg with interest.
Babs McInnis

Judy said...

I love your new bookcase and the pansy bed is so pretty. I never have any luck with violets. My mother had them everywhere and I can't keep them alive. I think I might not have enough sun or light in my windows.

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Thankyou for your kind comment on my Blog.
Yours is so full of lovely news and wonderfully evocative pictures that make my little Blog seem very 'minimalist.'
I would like permission to add your Blog to a forthcoming list of interesting Blogs.
UK Popular Patchwork magazine are going to feature my Blog so it would be nice for you to be included tho' you might end up with hundreds of visitors.
How do you feel about that?
I once lived in the USA - in Washington State - and your pictures brought back fond memories of Vashon.

Babs McInnis