Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great Granddaughter Alyssa Faith

Hey, Y'all,

Just received pictures of our new great granddaughter, Alyssa Faith, lying on the quilt that I made just for her. You will see it at the top of this posting. Isn't she adorable? I can hardly wait to hold her in my arms. She is the daughter of my grandson, Andrew, and his wife, Julia. They live in Texas. She is just a month old.

There is another little Alyssa great granddaughter that I can hardly wait to hold also. She is the daughter of my grandson, Will and his wife, Tasha. They live in Mississippi where Will is in the U. S. Airforce. She is 9 months old, and adorable as well. I don't have a picture of her on the quilt that I made just for her, but I would love to.
I have been a busy woman today. I got up this morning and had breakfast then headed to the local dumpster place to carry off the trash, then went to Jefferson City to the Lowe's store, picked out several flats of pansies to plant later, stopped at the Wal-mart (my place to shop) and got several more items there, including a bookcase to put together. I then stopped at the grocery store to get a canned ham and they sliced it for me. The ham was to take to the church to feed the relatives of a lady in our church who had passed away.
I took the ham to the captain of our group whose turn it was to serve food, so she could take it with her when she took her food to the church. I then continued on home and convinced Gramps it was time to get up for the day. (By this time it was a little past noon). After he had breakfast and I had lunch, I went out to plant my pansies in the flower bed. That took several hours, in between running inside to see that he was okay. Finally about 5 p.m, I finished and went inside to take a shower and get ready to go to the church for the receiving of friends and for the funeral.
This evening I was talking to Dorothy, one of Imazo's sisters, and she was talking about a wedding where her nieces were bridesmaids and how slim and pretty they were. She told me that when she and Imazo had been talking about how slim the nieces were, it reminded them of how slim she and Imazo used to be. Imazo said, "well, we can sing 'Precious Memories' and remember how slim we were once upon a time." I thought, "yeah, I can do that too".
Well, it is about my bedtime. Gramps has already hit the sack. Hope you will have the opportunity to attend a church of your choice tomorrow. I may go and leave Gramps for a while. I don't know yet. God bless each of you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Bye for now.


Judy said...

That baby is so pretty and so is the quilt you made for her. I think pansies are so pretty. I used to be a lot slimmer, too!


What a lovely baby? and the quilt you made. I so enjoyed reading your blog, I am trying to lose the weight I put on, doing much walking as I live nearby the coast.
Thank you for a most interesting blog. TN said...

Pretty quilt and pretty baby. And Oh...I think I can kiss my slim days goodbye. LOL