Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Interesting Day

Hey, Y'all,
This morning started out okay. I got up and had my shower and decided it had been long enough since Gramps had had a shower. So then I got him up and helped him get set up for his shower. Got out the washcloth for him, adjusted the shower water, and helped him get undressed and into the shower. I washed his back for him and kind of kept close by in case he needed anything.

Then I went into the bedroom and got his shaving kit and helped him get dried off so that he could get over to the basin and shave.I got out another washcloth and ran hot water over it so that he could get his face wet to shave. I went back in a few minutes and he was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, kind of bent over and I asked what was wrong. He said he thought he was going to be sick. I said, "no, no, no, just swallow, swallow". In the meantime I was thinking, "now what do I do? No telephone close by. I can't call 911." So I was holding him up and trying to reach the wastebasket in case he did need to throw up and I couldn't get it past his leg (very small bathroom) to get it under his face.

Finally, I grabbed the washcloth and washed his face and kept asking "do you want me to call 911?" Of course, he said, "no". In about 5 minutes he was okay and I got his walker close by and helped him into the bedroom where he got dressed. I was worried that maybe his blood sugar was low and when we got into the kitchen for breakfast, we checked it and it was okay. I found out that instead of using the shower stool to sit on and wash, he stood up most of the time. I then told him, next time to sit on the stool to wash everything except for what he was sitting on, and then he could stand up.

After breakfast, he went back to bed and slept for about 2 and 1/2 hours. He woke up just in time to have lunch and talk to the physical therapist, a very nice lady named Sharon and to do the exercises that she helps him with. We always have a really nice time talking to Sharon. She is a very caring person who really knows her stuff, and she is really helping Gramps to gain his strength back.

This afternoon, he watched some television and I spent some time reading blogs and playing a mahjong game. I also worked on a list of a hundred things about myself. I had been challenged by a fellow blogger to make the list. I guess I will post it tomorrow.

Well, that is all for today! I look forward to a good night's rest, I hope. May you have a peaceful night and a good day tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off. Bye for now.


Judy said...

Grammy, I don't know how you do all that you do! I am glad that he was o.k. and did not have to go back to the hospital or something.
I am looking forward to your list and hope you get a good rest tonight.

Grammy said...

Dear Judy,
Thanks. I am watching CSI: NY right now, but will be hitting the sack at 11 p.m.
Nighty Night.