Friday, October 17, 2008

A Pleasant Day

Hey, Y'all,

We had a very pleasant day today. We got out for a while and went to Knoxville to take Hugh, Imazo, and Mae out to eat at one of our favorite places....You guessed it! Yes, the Cracker Barrel. Gramps and I had breakfast which we had not had out in some time. Three or four weeks without gravy and biscuits was remedied this afternoon. I also ordered the coca-cola cake and shared it with the others.

No therapy of any kind today, so we were at our leisure for doing whatever. I did run into Jefferson City this morning, to get the car gassed up ($2.84 per gal.), and carried off the trash, and got the package of pictures that I mailed to Darlene and John weighed and paid for. I took the picture package in to Knoxville so that the five of us could look at them and reminisce about them.

While I was in Jefferson City, I observed an emergency vehicle coming along 11E and saw a pickup truck cross in front of it (going with the light to cross) and thought how foolhardy the driver of the truck was. He had only the green light on his mind and in his focus. He was fortunate that the emergency vehicle didn't get to the light in time to cream him! He missed it (or rather, it missed him) only by tenths of a second.

I was awake last night until 12:30 looking through my collection of photographs searching for pictures to send to John and Darlene that they can use for John's memorial service when it is held. Thank God that John is still with us, but we realize that his time is quite likely no doubt near. We hope that he will enjoy looking at them with Darlene and their children and telling them about each picture.

John and I were best friends when we were growing up and in years since. He was kind of a surrogate father to my children when he was at home and my husband was gone. There is a little less than 3 years difference in our ages, I being the older of the two. He and I walked each day to and from the bus stop and back home after school, for three and a half years after we moved to New Market. In the years before that, when he began first grade, we walked to school together for three years. Then I went to Junior High School and he continued another two and a half years to Belle Morris Elementary and walked with our niece Norma Jean.

I am posting a couple pictures of us at the top of this posting. One picture is of John, our niece, Norma (who is Mae's and Bill's daughter) and of me. The other picture is of my brothers and sister, our Mom and Dad, and my daughter, Carol (the baby). John is in front kneeling near me.
Well, it is time for me to wrap it up for the evening. More tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off. Bye for now. Love to you all.


Judy said...

I am so glad you got to have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. I love their breakfast, too. Enjoyed looking at the pictures as well. TN said...

Yeah, you got to go to Cracker Barrel. I love to get into my old pictures. I have a cedar chest full and I have told everyone...if my house catches fire ...I want that cedar chest out if at all possible. You cannot buy back pictures.