Thursday, October 16, 2008

Follow Up Report

Hey, Y'all,
This morning my brother, Hugh, went to see his nephologist (kidney doctor) and spent a good part of the morning talking to him. The doctor told him that he could put him on a drastic amount of lasix, but that would not be good for him, in fact could finish him off. He did tell Hugh that he should restrict his liquid intake to about 22 ounces of liquid a day, and put him on a no salt added diet. He cautioned him about eating sandwich meat (very high in sodium) also canned vegetables and canned soups (which are also high in sodium content).

My brother, John, out in Phoenix is no better, but about the same as before. They are preparing for his memorial service and I am collecting family pictures for them to use in making a picture board. I found twenty-two pictures on my computer and copied them to a folder, then saved them to a cd, and took the cd to Walgreens and had them printed out. I will be mailing them sometime tomorrow to Darlene. I am going to spend some time this evening looking for others that I may have, so I can send them out as well. Of course, I wish for them to keep the pictures that I send as keepsakes.

Gramps and I have plans to go into Knoxville tomorrow afternoon and have a late lunch with Hugh, Imazo and Mae. Probably we will go to the Cracker Barrel or to Applebee's.

We went to have Gramps toenails trimmed at the podiatrist's today and that went well. We got back in time for the speech therapist to help Gramps with his memory activities. We played a game called Memory which is like Concentration, where one matches cards that are turned facedown, and must remember where cards were in order to match them in pairs.

Then after Carol left, we had a sandwich and an hour or so later, I went to check on Gramps and found him snoozing in bed. I spent some time ( a couple of hours) finding pictures on my computer with John in them, saved them to a file folder and then copied them to a cd. I left about 4: 15 to go to the Walgreens' and pick up prescriptions and to have the pictures printed.

I stopped at Hardee's and brought home a couple of the small thickburgers and an order of fries for our supper. Then talked to Hugh and got his results of his visit with his doctor and here I am.

I have some looking to do for pictures and need to leave this off for the evening. I hope each of you has a wonderful evening and a great night's rest. Love to you all.
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the night. Bye for now.

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Judy said...

Hi Grammy, Sounds like you have been a busy lady making those CD's.I hope you enjoyed your dinner at Cracker Barrel. Have a good weekend.