Friday, October 24, 2008

Is It Saturday Yet?

Hey, Y'all,
It seems to me like today should be Saturday already! Since we had no therapists coming to see Gramps today, it has been another slow day. I let him sleep late today, so it has seemed like this afternoon would never come.

Last night, I worked on designing an invitation to a bridal shower, using my Print Shop program and addressed the envelopes in which to mail them out. My friends, Judy and Karen, and I are giving the shower for Allie's daughter, Rachael in a couple of weeks from now.

Judy came over this morning and we printed and folded the invitations and stuffed the envelopes and Judy took them with her to mail out. In the meantime, there was Gramps sleeping away in his bed. Judy and I chatted, laughed, and carried on and he never stirred.

He finally arose at about two p.m. when I promised him sausage, eggs, toast and coffee to eat. We had that meal and had a cursory look at the Friday newspaper. No indepth reading there for either of us.

I did a little bit of work today on the quilt for grandson, Matt, and will do some more in a while.
I took a little nap while ago and can't seem to quit yawning. My brother, Hugh, and I chatted for awhile and he tells me that the swelling in his legs is diminishing somewhat, but still has a ways to go. We will be going into Knoxville tomorrow and take them to get their hair done at the beauty/barber shop. Then we will be going out to...guess what? Yes, you got it. To eat, of course, is where we will go.

Gramps and I got our flu shot yesterday and if the drug store where Hugh and Imazo get their prescriptions filled is giving shots tomorrow, we will take them to get theirs. Well, not much left to say today. Thank goodness that tomorrow is Saturday for real. Today has seemed all day long like a Saturday.

Got to get off here and do some more sewing. I am getting excited about how good the quilt is going to look when I get it finished. It is truly a labor of love. More tomorrow afternoon (or evening) when we get home from Knoxville. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to you all. Bye!


Serbian Mink said...


i sent an email to, dunno if yer still on that service.

i sent you something in the mail from VT Country on the lookout for it.


Grammy said...

Thank you so very much, minky!
Yes, I am still on that service, haven't checked it recently. I will be on the lookout for it. You are just too sweet! Love you,
Gwammy Woobee TN said...

Hi Grammy, just checking in on ya! Sounds like you have everything in control. Make a picture of the quilt when you finish it.