Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures from Gramps' Birthday Celebration

Hey, Y'all,

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pics from our late lunch-early supper at Regas Restaurant in downtown Knoxville today. There were eight of us eating together and we had a lovely time. However, Gramps was having some pain in his neck (no, I don't mean me) and it would have been more fun for him if he had not.
Gramps wore a suit and really looked sharp! He wore a cap which he took off to eat lunch, and instead of putting it into my purse, I just put it on and wore it during lunch. (That is the hat you see on my head). We had some really great catfish for lunch and so much that we had to bring a to go box home with some of the fish in the box.

We are back home now, and I just heated a small towel to put on his neck, and he says it feels real good. I hope it will help him feel better. What a bummer to feel bad on your birthday!

We had a really wonderful time celebrating with his neice and her husband (Donna and L.D.); his sister (Bonnie Jean); my brother and his wife (Hugh and Imazo) and our sister-in-law (Mae - widow of our brother, Bill).
Gramps received lots of presents (sweat suits and books, and cards). He has enough sweat suits now, with what he already had, to just about open his own sports wear shop. They are certainly appreciated!
The pictures: top (Gramps with his sister, Bonnie Jean, me, and his neice, Donna); second down ( Gramps and sister, Bonnie Jean); third down ( sister-in-law, Mae); fourth down (Hugh and Imazo); fifth down (Donna and husband, L.D.).
We look forward to spending some more time with all of them. We are all a very congenial fun-loving group!
Gramps and I are resting nicely now, and will probably see some more well-wishers later this evening (maybe).
Tomorrow, my friend, Ina Ray and I head to Jonesborough to hear some marvelous storytelling! Mark and Allie will be looking after Gramps, and we really appreciate them!
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Got to round up stuff that I need for tomorrow. Love to all of you. Bye for now!


Serbian Mink said...

Hola Gwammy!

Please tell that handsome hunkahunka Dubby that we love him and feliz cumpleanos....y'all looked mighty purty on yer day on the town.

Mink TN said...

What a nice celebration! Gramps looks nice and I love the hat on you!