Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Heebie Jeebies

Hey, Y'all,
Didja ever have the Heebie Jeebies? Don't know what that is? Well, it is when you just can't settle down to sleep and nothing seems to help. You know something is wrong, but can't determine what it is. You feel all jumpy and jittery inside.

Yesterday, we had a good sized lunch around 1:00 in the afternoon, so that we weren't really hungry when we went to bed. Well, about 1:00 in the morning, I woke up and was tossing and turning, just couldn't get back to sleep no matter which way I turned. I felt jittery. I pulled off my socks (I always wear socks to bed so I don't get cold from the sheets), flipped over a couple of times, turned my pillow over so that there was a cool side to it. The window was already open. I finally decided that I was hungry but didn't want to eat a lot.

I went into the kitchen and made a cup of hot chocolate using one of the instant packages. I sat down to drink it, read a few pages in the huge paper back that I am reading (John Jakes' "The Homeland") and then went back to bed. In no time at all, I was sound asleep.

This morning, I got up at 7 a.m., and took my acid reflux medication, then worked for an hour on piecing the appliques for the quilt I am working on. Then I went into the bedroom and called Gramps to get up. He ignored me, of course. I went on into the kitchen and put on the coffee, ate my cereal and read some pages of my book. Then I went into the bedroom and got serious with Gramps. I got him up, and we got his shower done with no problems this time.

After getting him dressed, we headed for the kitchen and he had his breakfast. Later today, we had three therapists visit to work with him. He is a somewhat reluctant participant in therapies, but he tries to do what is asked of him. All the therapists like working with him. The physical therapist got him outside today to walk around a little bit.

The occupational therapist worked on helping him to loosen the neck muscles so they won't be so stiff. I know he has arthritis in the neck. The speech therapist and he talked about current events and about his life as a boy in Jefferson City. She is working to help him master memory skills.

This evening, I called my brother to see if he had called his urologist today, and of course, he had not. I asked if he was waiting till his leg swells up enough to for him to blow away like a balloon.
He laughed and said no. I finally got him to promise to call said dr. tomorrow. I told him to call me tomorrow after he talks to that doctor.

Gramps' sister and their niece and her husband are supposed to drop by this evening. We haven't seen them since the birthday celebration on Oct. 3rd. We look forward to seeing them.
Well, that is about it for today. Oh yes, I did get my other pansies planted in the porch planters and they look really good.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. May God's peace and love reign in your heart.
Love to you all. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...


second attempt to post a comment, drat!

let's see if i can remember what i said.....oh, i encouraged vern to call H yesterday to ask about the urologist etc, but he never got to it. i appreciate your updates. what is it with V? i've asked him to call supervisors to check on taking time off for a visit to TN, but again, he procrastinates. i think the handwriting is definitely on the wass w/ the kidney and heart dysfunction and wanted V to get to spend some time with his Dad. i appreciate your keeping us informed. also, keep yourself and Dubby safe and well...biscuits/gravy once a week only!

Serbian Mink said...

oops, handwriting on the wall....

Clara....in TN said...

I know all about Heebie Jeebies. I hate it when you toss and turn and sleep won't come. I remember when I could sleep 10 hours and never move a musle. Not anymore. If I get four hours sleep I'm lucky. I think Bill has his days and nights mixed up. He stays awake all night and sleeps all day. Some nights I feel like I will die if I don't get some sleep. When it gets that bad, I go to another bed room. It seems he does better after I leave. Somehow he thinks if he's awake, I'm supposewd to be awake also.....NOT!! I was dressing him today and I told him I didn't know I was going to have a baby when I was seventy years old....he said "I didn't know I was going to BE a baby when I was seventy either. What do you do? Keep on keeping on...is all I know! And pray a lot!!!!