Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Physical Therapist

Hey, Y'all,
Great visit with the physical therapist! She did a lot of really good therapy with Gramps and is scheduled to come back on Friday morning. We had a really great visit as well, getting acquainted with her and she with us.
I will be going after while to get our supper down at the church and bringing it back home while Gramps waits here for me.
Not much else to write about this evening. I think I have just about said it all for right now. Love to you all. God bless you. Blabbin' Grammy saying "good night" and more tomorrow. Bye!


Judy said...

Hi Grammy, Glad the therapist got there and you all got acquainted. I hope he continues to improve and has better days now that she is there to work with him.

Grammy said...

Thanks, Judy! I really appreciate yours and Clara's support as friends that I didn't know I had until my blog began!
Ruby TN said...

Hi Grammy, just droppin' in to see how things are going. The therapist will help Gramps, and be a great comfort to you, I am sure. Enjoy your's beautiful here in Bluff City!