Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Hundred Things About Me

A Hundred Things About Me seems a little (maybe a whole lot) egotistical. I am not sure anybody really wants to know all this, but here goes:

1. I love the Lord, and I belong to Him.
2. I really enjoy reading.
3. My favorite food is probably hot bread with butter.
4. I also love the taste of anything chocolate.
5. I am a quilter.
6. I enjoy crafts (looking at and doing them)
7. I have a daughter in Alabama, and one in Texas. I love them dearly along with their spouses and children and spouses, and their grandchildren
8. I have a friend that I love like a daughter (I call her daughter) who lives nearby.
9. I have many family members scattered everywhere around the globe and I love them all
10. I have honorary grandchildren and great grandchildren and love them all.
11. I have always loved to draw and paint.
12. My mother taught me to crochet and to embroider
13. I have done ceramics and enjoyed it (my ceramics phase was in the 1970's)
14. My sisters-in-law are my friends as well.
15. Three of my siblings are no longer living on earth (they are in heaven, I know)
16. My birthday anniversary is May 16.
17. I was born in 1933
18. I enjoy cooking when I am in the mood.
19. It is a great pleasure of mine to have people over to dine with us
20. My husband almost 32 years is 82 and very dear to me.
21. Teaching was my chosen profession.
22. I have taught almost every subject and also was an elementary school librarian
23. I once took a semester of learning to play the guitar, but you wouldn't want to hear me play.
24. I had to learn to play a song on the piano in order to pass the class when I was in college. You wouldn't want to hear me play that either. The song I learned to play (very slowly) was "Work, for the Night is Coming". I am not sure that 'night ever got there'. ha ha.
25. Some of my more courageous teacher friends and I did a song and dance routine in a school talent show. It was great fun!
26. I have almost 50 games from Real Arcade on my computer.
27. I am not really fond of housework, but I love it when my house is clean and I can look on it with real enjoyment.
28. I can not swim, but goodness knows I have really tried, with a semester of it in college, and a dear friend also tried to teach me. I think I just have a mental block (as well as an intense fear of the water).
29. I enjoy telling stories
30. I have gone to hear professional storytellers at Jonesborough, TN for maybe 25 years
31. I have Cherokee blood in my ancestry.
32. My grandmother (my mom's mom) was half Cherokee from North Carolina band
33. I had triple bypass surgery four years ago
34. I began school in a one-room schoolhouse
35. I learned to read from big charts that were on an easel.
36. My teacher called me the "cow's tail" because I was always last in line. I think maybe because I always let the other kids line up first.
37. I once took my mother's lipstick to school and got into trouble over it. It was a lipstick that changed color when you put it on and was called Tangee ( pronounced tan-jee)
38. My first computer was an Apple II e
39. I have picked blackberries, wild strawberries, dewberries in my younger years
40. I have always loved kittens and cats.
41. I am a procrastinator
42. I am a very social being
43. I have never met a stranger who remained a stranger
44. I love to write
45. Countries that I have visited include: Brazil, Venezuela, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, Yugoslavia, Japan, Netherlands
46. I have hay fever and asthma
47. I have been a G. A. (Girl's Auxiliary) leader at church
48. I have been an R. A. (Royal Ambassador) leader at church
49. I have led children's choir at church
50. I have taught in Bible School
51. I have taught children's sunday school
52. I have directed the adult choir
53. I love teaching adult Sunday school class but can no longer do it.
54. I used to sing in the adult choir
55. I love to sing
56. I love to drive and go places
57. I have driven to Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Virginia, Canada, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Washington DC, Kentucky
58. I was 33 years old before I learned to drive
59. Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons
60. I have a master's degree in Library Science from University of Tennessee
61. I have a bachelor of science degree in education from Carson-Newman College
62. I am interested in many different things
63. I love to work crossword puzzles
64 I love flowers and growing them
65. I will not purchase and plant a rose that has no pleasant scent. I gotta be able to smell them.
66. Teaching of math was one of my favorite things to do
67. I have tutored children and really enjoyed it
68. I have a good friend, Ina Ray, who has laughed and cried with me during good times and bad times. There is not anything that I could not share with her.
69. I have other wonderful friends that I love and could not survive without
70. I have wonderful nieces and nephews whom I love dearly.
71. I love chatting online with our daughter, Teresa.
72. I really enjoy the calls that I get from our daughter, Carol, when she is on her way home from work or just calling to see how we are.
73. We once lived in Florida with our daughter, Teresa, but had to come back to East Tennessee because we just missed our family and friends here, and we also missed the mountains and the changing of the seasons.
74. The world of blogging has opened up a brand new world to me, and I am so glad to be here.
75. We once took a airline flight to San Antonio, where our daughter, Carol, and her family lived at the time. We decided to cash in our tickets for the return trip, and came back by Greyhound. Don't ever let anyone tell you that those dogs are fast! It took forever!
76. I enjoy taking part in the "Festival of Tables" at our church each spring.
77. I have a bad back, but it doesn't keep me from doing much of what I want to do.
78. I take eleven pills every day, plus use eyedrops every night for my glaucoma
79. I love visiting people
80. Our family was poor in material goods but rich in love for one another
81. I only had a couple of good dresses to wear when I was in elementary school. I would alternate the days I wore them and was laughed at at school, but I reckon I survived that okay.
82. I love watermelon and home-made ice cream
83. My eyes are blue, and I have an olive complexion. (I can't wear green, yellow, orange, or brown)
84. I am only 5'2" tall (don't ask me what I weigh)
85. I love playing Mahjong games
86. I enjoy challenges
87 I am very competitive - Don't tell me I can't do something.
88. Scrabble is one of my favorite games to play
89. The game show network is one of my favorite channels to watch
90. Unfinished projects are a bane of mine
91. I was reunited with a friend of mine a couple of years ago that I had not seen since college days of 1966. It was wonderful!
92. I love having my bedroom windows open at night when the weather changes and becomes a little cool, especially for sleeping at night.
93. I am a lover of hats. I have about two dozen Sunday hats and I wear one to church each Sunday morning.
94. Dominos is a game I love to play as well. We have lots of fun when friends come over to eat and then we play dominos.
95. I am learning more patience since my husband became ill.
96.The mountains are in my blood. I really missed them when I lived in Indiana during my first marriage.
97. I enjoy spending time with my brothers, and sisters-in-law. We all have a great time together.
98. I miss being near my relatives that live too far away to visit often.
99. We are living on a parcel of land that once belonged to my family and was sold so that I could begin going to Carson-Newman in 1963.
100. I'm glad that this list of a hundred things about me is finished, and if you are still reading it, God bless you and I'll bet you are glad it is finished, too.

2 comments: TN said...

Grammy, you did wonderful with your 100 things. I don't think it sounded a bit egotistical. I was sorry when it was finished. Number 45 and number 57 amazed me. You are like Johnny Cash...."I've Been Everywhere,Man."And the places you have driven.....I imagine you could find your way to the end of the earth....LOL I like your new picture in the red suit and hat. Thank You for taking the time to do 100 things! I hope we can meet someday.

Judy said...

I loved reading all about you and found out a lot of things I did not know. I was not bored once. I, too, was amazed at all the places you have been and all the places you have driven. We have several things in common. Thanks for sharing with us.