Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Sounds of Silence

                  The Sounds of Silence

I heard the sounds of silence 
In my lonely room,
"Wait!" you cry in amazement,
"That cannot be since 

Silence doesn't make a sound.
It is quiet and makes no noise."

I can hear the beating of my heart
Inside my ears, as blood rushes
Through, proclaiming my fears,
If only you could hear,

Then you would know 
How it overpowers me so; 

This sound of fear and silence.




kaykuala said...

The sound of silence is deafening! It gets on to one who hears it! Nicely Grammy!


Grammy said...

Thank you, Hank. :)

Susan Scott said...

The sound of silence - we're so unused it with all the chatter that goes on - but it can be a great source or resource. Thank you Ruby - powerful poem.
Garden of Eden Blog

Delores said...

Silence makes one heck of a racket and when there finally is a sound inserted into the silence it is magnified beyond belief. I hope you don't have too too many episodes of lonely silence to deal with...if you do....email one of your many blogger friends. We'll all be glad to distract you for a while with some email chatter.

Grammy said...

Thanks, Delores..It was only a poem. Many times I welcome the silence. Gives me time for thinking and reflecting on God's goodness to all of us.

40Plus Teenager said...

yup, that is the sound of silence.