Friday, April 11, 2014



"I cannot bear the way he speaks of her!"
The female mutters to herself,
"H0w dare he to replace me,
I can see his thoughts of her 
Occupying all he does throughout our days
Added to his endless streams of praise!"

"We did just fine till she came along, 
And now his feelings for her so very strong,
I'll not be able to break the hold 
She has over him, stroking and caressing.
Always gently expressing how sweet she is,
She'd better watch or I'll scratch out

Her beady eyes, puffy and looking oh, so wise.
How dare he bring her into our happy home
That's just meant for we two alone.
He calls her Sweetie Pie!
Oh, I can no longer bear it!"
So saying that, the Maltese flicked her tail, Leaving the man alone with his "Sweetie Pie".

Well, there was no way out but that thing die!
And soon. She'd wait till they were all alone,
Catching the enemy all unaware,
So when her beloved returned home,
She'd pretend ignorance and so then
He would be hers alone again. 

Death to that thing they call a Parrot!
There would never be evidence to convict,
No feathers, no scrap of that bird
Left. Just the perch upon which she sat
As she was closely watched 
   by his possessive cat!


Anonymous said...

You go dare he replace you with a bird of all things.

Grammy said...

Right! What an injustice

EvalinaMaria said...

Lovely! Good luck with the challenge.
Evalina, This and that...

Pat Hatt said...

haha that bird had it coming

jenn said...

oh, this was cute. love it.

thanks for the comment you'd left on my j picky post. that was very sweet and thoughtful. you're a good lady. :]

Anonymous said...

This was absolutely a hoot! 😛

Mom's Blog said...

Loved the surprise!

Grammy said...

Thanks. I started the poem with a different idea in mind, then it just took a difference by itself. Go figure!