Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No One

               No One

In a world filled with sin and hate,
Mixed in with love and caring,
Sometimes we see some intimidate
And push others around - 

Yet mostly we just say, "Tsk, tsk"
And click the tongue as if to say,
"How sad," then like mere observers
Wind up looking the other way.

Does no one really see,
Are we all so unaware,
So that when we see big bullies,
On other nations encroach,

Across the borders and take over,
We send emissaries to say,
"No, no! You can't do that,"
Then watch it taking place,

Because we are afraid to 
Stand and defend as once we did.
Now prefer we to ask for weak
Diplomacy, just look the other way.

Where do we learn such cowardice?
Is it learned or is it taught?
"Just mind your own business,
Keep your fingers out of it."

When children in the schoolyard,
Are circled round about and watch
Some one get pummeled hard,
Mothers warn, "Just you keep out of it,

If you see someone get hit and pushed,
 I don't want you gettin' hurt!
You don't need to be involved,
In such a bloody rout. Stay out of it!'

Ah yes, does No One care,
Longer than just a glance,
Then look the other way.
In this world with bullies and hate

Today? No One? 


Eileen T said...

Brilliant poetry. How do you do it ... I can't even write 1 decent one, let alone 26!!

Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing the A to Z Challenge)

Grammy said...

Eileen, it is work, but fun also, to just move words around until they pretty much tell the story you wish. Just take any word and think about its meaning to you personally, then just tell it til it flows. that is how i do it. thank you for your kind words. Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking verse today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
It is fear that makes us look away.
But when we stand, when we speak out, the violence stops.

Thank you for you wisdom!
With great respect!